Snuggly Soft Braided Rainbow Scarf

This colourful scarf really brightens up the day! Made with 9 colours, each colour has been individually braided into a chain stitch, then 3 colours are braided together to create 3 larger plaits, and then these have been loosely plaited. Overall, giving an interesting texture. The yarn is 100% Acrylic and snuggly soft! The scarf measures 150cm long (incl. fringes) Postage & Packing included to UK mainland.



2 in 1 Scarf

Rainbow scarf or Infinity scarf, you choose! The scarf is handmade with a chain stitch of rich rainbow colours that are snuggly soft to the touch. The ends are joined which makes one long loop that can be wrapped around the neck in an infinity style or, one end looped through the other, like a normal scarf. 100% Polyester Yarn. Postage & Packing included to UK mainland.



Rainbow Chakra Flower

This flower design is braided acrylic yarn, hand-stitched together into a flower with all of the colours of the energy field within the body. It can be used as a meditation mat, where the colours help to balance the energy field within the body, or it can be used as a decorative rug or small mat to brighten up a room. Place it in a child’s room or a play room to add some colour! Price includes Postage to UK mainland.