Soul Reading & Guidance


We each begin life as a seed, with the potential to become a beautiful flower.

Before we incarnate on Earth as a Human Being, we exist as Spirit Beings who live in a dimension of light. All that we know is love.

As a Spirit Being, we each make agreements to encounter certain experiences and relationships that would help our Soul to grow and evolve. Each of us has a purpose in life that we are destined to complete before physical death. Our purpose rarely involves just one task, but a number of goals that we are destined to achieve.

I offer a unique reading that reveals the Divine plan for your Soul.

A SOUL READING can provide you with insight and understanding of these agreements, it can help you to find meaning in your life and discover your life purpose. It provides the relevant information that you need at the time of the reading, and may include information about other lifetimes, significant relationships, traumatic events, future influences and much more.

A SOUL READING can provide the guidance you need to awaken you to your Soul’s purpose.

During the reading, I use my Spiritual abilities as an Empath and psychic Medium to connect to your Soul and the Akashic Library, together with the principles of numbers through intuitive Numerology to deliver the guidance you need to evolve.

I communicate with your Soul to discover the path that will help you connect to your true self.

I can help you set goals for your future together with advice on how to achieve them. Spiritual guidance is given when needed, along with suggestions of how to progress. Please remember that you have the power to choose the reality that you want to follow.

A SOUL READING is given in a written format (by email) so that you can refer back to it at a later date. Some of the information may be relevant for a future time, so it is useful to have a record of the reading.


Please supply your BIRTH NAME in full (as it appears on your birth certificate), present name if different and DATE OF BIRTH.

If you have any specific issues you would like to receive guidance for, please include this information in an email.

Please email:

In accordance with UK Law it must be stated that all readings are for entertainment purposes only and no guarantee can be given of the accuracy or suitability of a reading for any purpose.


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