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A creative infusion of traditional and innovative methods with free-spirited designs and vibrant colours.

Welcome to my shop! It brings me great joy to share my creations with you.

Why Rainbowhemian?

Vibrant colours and rainbows have grabbed my attention for as long as I can remember, and since being old enough to hold a pencil I have enjoyed being creative. After shopping for accessories in rainbow colours over the last few years, I have found the choice to be quite limited – especially with my taste!

After receiving frequent comments such as “that really brightens up the day” – every time I wore my rainbow scarf or used my rainbow purse – it gave me the idea of creating my own brand. People often refer to me as a free spirit, and I believe my bohemian ideas show through in my creations, so the name RAINBOWHEMIAN seemed a perfect fit!HOMEWARES & ACCESSORIES ADVERT.jpg

RAINBOWHEMIAN  accessories offer something different to the mass produced items that flood the market. The vibrant colours stand out from the sea of neutral shades, and the designs are original.

The methods used are a blend of the traditional and merge with my unique ideas to create a design that gives interesting texture. The use of the rainbow colours is, quite literally, intended to ‘brighten up the day’, but can also be used as a tool for bringing balance to the energy field of the body through colour therapy. See more about this in my post: The Power of Colour.

Colour can be used as a powerful tool to help bring balance and healing to the mind and body. Every time we look at a colour, its unique vibrations resonate with our own.

My collection is growing all the time as I channelling my love and care into putting  physical form to new ideas. If you do not see what you are looking for, or would prefer an alternative blend of colours, please feel free to contact me here.

I’m busy updating this site, so more will follow very soon . . . . .