Intuitive Readings

The readings I give may be a little different to what is on offer through other psychic websites. That’s because I am different!

Over the years, I have given different types of readings, and what I have found to be the most useful is to provide the reading in written format – like a mini e-book. This means that you can refer back to it in the future, particularly if something doesn’t make sense at first. I have received plenty of feedback from people who are happy they had everything written down

A written reading means I do not need to meet face to face with you. With the Spiritual abilities that I have I can connect over any distance to the essence of your Soul to discover its plan for this lifetime. I also communicate with Spirit Guides, Angels and other Spirit Beings to receive relevant information that they wish to give to you.

My promise to you: Each written reading is sent by email in PDF format. When you provide me with your email address I promise not to give it to anyone else or bombard your inbox with garbage. It is used only for the purpose of giving you a reading.

I offer 3 types of readings:


A comprehensive reading that delves into your Past Lives, particularly any that have a relevance upon your present and your Life Purpose. This reading can provide life direction if you are uncertain of what your purpose is.

Many of us have had countless lifetimes upon Earth, with general themes that can run through numerous lives. We often carry karma through from one lifetime to the next and can end up repeating patterns, having the same type of unsuccessful relationships, hitting the same obstacles and so on. We repeat experiences until we have learned what we need to learn about the situation, and then we move on to something better. Wouldn’t it be better to know if you were stuck on repeat, repeat, repeat, and that there was a way to step out of that pattern? Absolutely!

With a Soul Plan reading I can discover what maybe holding you back from being the best you can be and living your best life, but it is up to you to take those steps. If you would like anything clarifying about this reading please use the contact form HERE.

Soul Plan Reading




It does what it says on the tin! This is an intuitive reading mingled with a little creative numerology that gives a month by month forecast of what to expect over the coming year. Each month carries certain influences which I can guide you on how to make the most of, and what to watch out for. I will also provide information on the bigger influences that can span over a period of a few years, and that run as a general theme.

This reading is also provided in written format – like a mini e-book – so that you have something to refer back to.

Please provide your date of birth and birth name for this reading. You can send the information through the contact form HERE.

12 Month Forecast




A special offer combining the two readings at a reduced price.

Please provide date of birth and birth name through the contact form HERE.

Soul Plan & Forecast