Guidance & Counselling

Facing a challenge can sometimes feel overwhelming if you have little or no support, or if you can’t understand why or what is happening to you. Especially if the problem has hung around for a while.

It may be that you feel as though you are drowing in emotion or negative thought patterns, or you feel empty and numb inside.

Many of life’s experiences can cause us to question our existence and identity, especially if we suffer with low self-worth and a lack of confidence. A loss of inner strength can make the smallest problems seem unsurmountable.

Whatever your experience, it can make a great difference if you receive support and gain a fresh perspective. Gaining an objective view from an unbiased person can often help to shine light onto the darkest problems.

I can be the light that shines upon your darkness

I offer Spiritual guidance by email or phone conversation to help you get through difficult times so that you can see your path to a better, brighter and happier future.

The aim of Spiritual Guidance is to help you see the bigger picture, that there are always reasons for everything that happens. When we are caught up in difficult experiences it can be hard to see the truth.

The truth is that we are all connected to each other and that we are all a part of something much greater. Our Soul chooses the life we live and makes agreements before its incarnation, so your experiences are part of those Soul contracts.

I can help you to see the truth of why you are having certain experiences. When understanding is received, it opens the door to healing and moving on.

If you require an email consultation, please use: Please email your circumstances detailing the problem and how it is affecting you along with any questions you may have.

Spiritual Guidance
Email £35.00 GBP
Phone (1 hour) £55.00 GBP


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