Featured rain drops splashing on puddle of water

A Poem: It’s Raining

A light-hearted poem about the weather, in particular the rain and all that it's good for.

shining stars in space, a higher persepctive

A Poem About Toxic Relationships.

Toxic relationships come in many forms, and happen because of karma. Ultimately, the abuse makes us stronger through learning how to forgive and set ourselves free from the torment. This is a poem about the darkness of abuse leading a path to the light.

winter scene at night time with snow and trees

A poem – Winter Sleep . . .

Here is a poem that I wrote a few years ago when the creative energy began flowing into my life, in abundance. Many nights I would wake up at silly-o-clock with words tumbling through my mind looking for an outlet. So, I kept a notebook and pen beside my bed - the only way I …

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