Going Round in Circles?

Doesn’t it sometimes feel as though Life is leading you round in circles?

Do you encounter a situation that seems familiar and you think, “Hang on a minute, haven’t I already dealt with this?”
Well maybe you have already dealt with it, but the truth is, maybe something you missed the first time around.

Often when we re-visit something it’s because we need to gain a different perspective.
We never just go round in circles, what we do is follow a spiral. A spiral that leads up and up to an infinite point.
As Human Beings and as Spiritual beings, we never stop moving forward and we never stop evolving. This means that we are always learning.

So whilst we may re-visit an experience again and again, it will never be the same every time.
Each encounter we have in Life, we bring to the experience the advantage of past insight.

We use the wisdom we have gained to shed a little Light on the matter, which gives us the opportunity to see more clearly. And maybe we will see something that we did not see before.
So, remember the Spiral. Yes, it does go round and round and round and round, but it also moves upwards towards an infinite higher point.

By living every day in the present moment there will always be the opportunity to evolve and reach the next level.


Peace and love.


What’s Your Story?

What story do you tell yourself about who you are and what you do?

Most of us have been moulded into shape by old traditions, out of date beliefs, false perceptions and unreasonable expectations. A torrid mixing pot of lies and illusions that hinder personal expansion and block the truth. It’s no ones fault, it’s just the way it is.

Do you see yourself through tainted eyes, a reflection of your past, or do you see what see others see?

The mirror shows the truth, but if you cannot or see clearly, the truth lays out of reach and its whispers of freedom get lost. If you are afraid to look at your reflection of the real you, the light remains obscured by shadows of doubt.

How much is your perception coloured by someone else’s twisted judgement of a punishing world that seeks to destroy? Do you believe the false projections that others try to force upon you, or do you perceive their pain and recognise their cry for help?

When repeatedly brainwashed by cruel words and unworthy opinions, our perception of the world becomes twisted and fake. We fail to see the world with love, and beauty becomes lost in addiction and materialism.

Do you tell yourself lies, get lost in illusion or refuse to awake from the dream world you paint?

Our beliefs, principles and even morals can become cast in stone and stuck in time if we hide in the shadows away from the light. Or they can transform and change to reflect our changing inner world as we break free from that which seeks to restrain or repress us.

Are you standing in front of the mirror of life yet seeing nothing but lack and loss?

If we believe the sad stories that others tell, of woe, poverty, grief and despair, these stories can become our own. We can choose whether to own them or let them go as a false tale that has no substance. Good health is a product of our past actions. Money is an energy like everything else that shifts and moves to where it is attracted to. Positive thinking is a blessing that can be gained through practice and faith. All of these, we have the power to change, accept or surrender to.

Does love and joy fill your mind as you bask in the glory of being you?

When the jackpot prize of self-care and nurturing has been won, we receive the opportunity to embark down a new path to discover the truth and recover from the past. We realise that we have been lied to and that we have lied to ourselves, but now we are free and will no longer return to what and who we once were. Our past becomes a distant memory washed away by the cleansing waves of time. No longer are we afraid to be true to ourselves and shine our light.
Can you see the truth that’s trapped inside? In a world that has been consumed by darkness for many years, it can be easy to follow the same path as everyone else. If we allow our shadows to lead the way, we will never see the light that creates them.

A shadow would not exist without light, so turn around and see yourself shine.

Do you hear the loving whisper that guides and comforts? Or does doubt and confusion ring loud in your mind as it drowns the feelings that flow through your soul?

Many of us live within the negative rantings of the ego mind and worse still, we believe the lies it tells. The purpose of our ego is to lead us away from the light of truth, but in doing so, it gives us a choice: do we follow or not?

Maybe we are fooled by the fear-driven deception of the ego but by setting the intention to listen to our heart, we can open a door to a better path. A journey begins, a new life that will lead us back to the light within our heart.

To make a decision, ask yourself: ‘Which choice makes my heart feel warm and safe?’

MARVELLOUS MARCH – Signs & Omens in Nature & Number Four

Number FOUR

Welcome to March!

This month we celebrate the equinox as Mother Earth moves into a time of equal light and dark. This brings us all the opportunity to practice balance within our own inner light and dark, so we can release what no longer works for us.

………practice balance

imag01082The Solar eclipse of March heralds big changes on a planetary and personal basis that will affect our lives over the next few months, and again this offers the opportunity to clear out the old and welcome the new and exciting.

2017 is a year of changes as we are all influenced by the number ONE. This provides new opportunities, fresh starts, the need for independence, and focus on the self. How this will manifest in our lives will depend on our individual Numerology.

March is a FOUR month – numerologically speaking. FOUR relates to matters of the Physical realm, such as, work, health, physical relationships, land and home.

……..get organised and be practical

FOUR asks us to get organised and be practical. Where the energy of February focused upon the mind, March will ask us to stay grounded in physical reality. We can do this by connecting with Nature.

Here, in the Northern Hemisphere, we bound towards Spring and more daylight as Mother Nature bursts into life with the pleasing sight of new growth. Here, we are reminded to go ahead and take action. While in the Southern Hemisphere, the land prepares to slow down and take a needed break. Both of these attributes are significant under the vibration of FOUR.

Any ideas we may have been contemplating over the previous couple of months can now be extricated from the mind and born into physical reality. This may be a change at work, a new job, relocation, or even a new home.

……….lay foundations

imag01092FOUR gives us the opportunity to lay foundations of our plans, providing we remain realistic. We are asked to look at things with logic and reason. What may have eluded our vision previously, can now be seen more clearly, like looking through a window. Typically, a window has FOUR sides and as we look through the glass, we can see with clarity what is on the other side. We are no longer fooled by our illusions.

……….logic and reason

This month you may be called to improve upon your health or physical fitness, as FOUR rules the Physical realm, which includes the body. With the strong focus upon the self, through this year’s powerful energy of ONE, this month we may all be actively leaning towards doing what is best for our well-being.




If your name begins with D, M, or V, you are likely a strong earthy type of person who is usually grounded. You prefer to see things logically rather than through your feelings and may have a tendency towards being a little too interested in the material world.

Notice how each of these letters has a long straight line, this confirms the grounding quality of these letters. Each one can be a little stubborn at times, often becoming stuck in old belief systems.

D, is a practical hard worker that may become more stuck than the other two. M, can often have a split personality and mood swings, while being more strong-willed than D. V, is the most powerful letter of the alphabet, as it resonates to the energy of TWENTY TWO, which signifies the master achiever. This strong vibration can deliver profound changes in the physical realm but may also cause nervous tension due to its power.



If you live in a house which vibrates to the number FOUR (4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 58, 67, 76, 85, 94, etc) you will have the opportunity to organise your life and implement changes in the physical realm. Your life will be practical and strongly based upon material matters. The numbers 13,22 and 40, each hold a powerful energy that can bring more profound opportunities than the other vibrations of FOUR. 

Love and peace.


Further information relating to ONE, TWO THREE.

To find out how NUMEROLOGY influences your personality and life opportunities, click HERE.

Spiritual Guidance


LACK OF ABUNDANCE – the real cause


When life has served a healthy dose of low self-worth, self-confidence weakens along with a lack of trust; insecurities and beliefs of ‘not having enough’ add a weight which is difficult to bear. It’s as though an invisible bag of cement rests upon the shoulders and insists on accompanying us through every moment. Self destructive signals emanate from the energy created by thought, and attract more of the same debilitating experiences. Over time, the bag of cement increases in size to weaken the legs and the ability to cope.

A repetitive thought occupies the mind: When will life be kind?

On the surface, childhood traumas are the most likely cause. If our sense of self is damaged at a time when it is supposed to be nurtured, we perceive the world as difficult and full of problems. Instead of seeing the beauty and abundance that exists within every moment, life grows devoid of meaning and love.



Often we are told, it is our thinking that causes the problem, and whilst this is true, there is much more going on below the surface than many of us may realise. The Law of Attraction delivers what we think about and believe in, so negative fearful thoughts deliver more adversity. Change the thoughts and you can change your life. Apparently. This positive concept is firmly believed by many, and I too believe the idea, but I also see much more.

After practicing positive thought for several years, yet still receiving situations that brought inner pain and suffering, I repeatedly asked, “Why?”. The answer was always the same.

“It is not time yet.”

Patience is like a shiny new toy always out of reach. But how can we develop patience without practice? No matter how much effort you use to manifest positivity and optimism into your life, if it is not time for your Soul to experience a change, then it will not happen. However, I do not recommend subscribing to apathy. Apathy and procrastination are Humanity’s tools for dissension. Patience and trust are the lights that show the way.



“So, when is it my turn?”

“Have patience.”

My spiritual curiosity of the meaning of life, likes to strip away the layers and get to the core. I never see only one reason, I see many; like a rainbow that shines from a prism, different colours merge to become pure light, each hue displays a unique ingredient. Every occurrence in life holds many ingredients to create its purpose.

A ravenous thirst for learning and seeking out the meaning behind life, has directed me to pursue esoteric sciences such as: Astrology and Numerology; thousands of hours in meditation; and communication with Spirit. Insight and clues have arrived over time to enlighten my understanding of why we are here. I discovered that our lives are predestined and the choices we make are part of a plan – a Divine plan.

Free-will comes into play by offering us a choice. The Soul already knows the path it must take for spiritual growth and evolution.

Lack of abundance, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and self-belief are all part of an agreement made by the Soul before it incarnated into the body.

Why would the Soul make an agreement that involves suffering and adversity? 

When our Soul lives in the Spirit realm, in between lifetimes, it knows only love; there is no pain, no suffering, no negativity. The Soul does not differentiate between good and bad, or positive and negative because it sees that all of life is perfect as it is.

Human Beings learn through experience and all experience is relevant, whether perceived as good or bad. It is the ego-mind that decides to cast judgment, not the Soul. Through living a physical life and encountering different situations, the Soul can grow and evolve. Evolution is the natural progression of life.

So let’s say, your Soul has made an agreement to encounter situations and people who challenge your confidence. Only when you have suffered from a lack of confidence can you learn to empower yourself, and then understand what it is like to have confidence. By the same notion, how can we know what it is to be patient if we have not experienced impatience?



Part of the Spiritual work I feel passionate about, is to read the Soul and discover the agreements that were made prior to physical birth. Seeking out this truth has helped me and many others find deeper meaning of challenging situations or harsh relationships. My ability is by no means unique, but neither is it mainstream, and to use my talent for the benefit of others brings me great fulfilment.

When confusion, doubt, fear and pessimism steal away your joy and trust in life, consider if you would benefit from understanding the deeper purpose of why you suffer. If you are ready to open your mind, your Soul will guide you to the tools you need that will open the door to change.

I can offer the key and light to shine on your path and help you find your way.


If a Soul Reading interests you, please do get in touch. More information can be found HERE. I can work with you face to face (in Leeds), or by a pre-arranged phone call or a written reading via email.


If you would like to find how Spiritual Guidance can bring a new perspective on a challenging problem, see HERE for more information.

Liz: +447491636960           lizkeedy@gmail.com

LET THERE BE LIGHT- Gateway to the New Year


The 1st of January 2017 births a NEW ENERGY.

A door will open for each of us to walk through.

The journey that follows will bring many new beginnings.

How we make use of this life changing experience will depend upon our Soul contracts and destiny.



New Year’s Day 2017 is the Numerological vibration of 1-1-1 ( the first day of the first month and the year 2017 adds up to a 1 ). It will be repeated on the 10th January, also 1-1-1.

For every Soul upon Earth a gateway, above the crown of the head, will open on 1st January, which will allo a download of high vibration Light to flood into the Heart, mind and body.

Imagine standing underneath a shower that radiates positive vibes of LOVE! Well, this will happen to us all and will be repeated on 10th January.



This vibrant downpour of high vibration energy can help to strengthen the connection we have to our inner self.

Synchronicity will deliver upon our paths the opportunity to manifest independence, courage and self belief, as well as planting the seeds for new ideas to form. The 1-1-1 vibration calls to the Soul to stand firm in truth, integrity and making choices from the Heart.




In Numerology 2016 was a NINE year which brought many beliefs, experiences, relationships and unhealthy behavioural patterns to a timely end, to clear a path for the powerful new energy to enter our lives on 1st January.

2017 begins the cycle once again with the influence of the principle ONE. After the powerful ‘upgrade’ we can all receive, from the inflow of energy on the 1st and 10th, we each have the chance to spend the whole year making the most of the opportunities presented to us.

The magic of 1-1-1 can be witnessed around us in each moment of every day if the world is seen with LOVE.

As Spirit manifested into Physical form, the principle of ONE was created. ONE is the self, the creation of the force of the Divine into matter. We are each born with the qualities of Love, Belief and Trust within our hearts, but over time we may lose touch with this remarkable inner power. We forget how to love ourselves, how to honour our feelings and how to make the best choices for our well-being.

2017 brings the chance to reconnect to our heart’s desires and follow our passions.



1-1-1 is also a THREE vibration which links the heart and mind with the body. It joins body with Soul and Spirit and merges the unconscious with the sub-conscious and the higher conscious.

If we open our Hearts and minds to the impossible – the idea that anything IS possible – we can manifest positive qualities and experiences into our everyday lives.

All we need to do is BELIEVE.



New Year’s Day Meditation

To make the most of this amazing energy download and enhanced Soul connection:

  • enter into a relaxed state at a time that suits you on NEW YEAR’S DAY
  • close your eyes, breath deeply and focus on your HEART
  • allow your thoughts to drift into the background of your mind
  • using your intention, expand the energy centre situated at the top of your head, as though it was a ball of light growing in size
  • allow yourself to receive the downpour of beautiful LIGHT.
  • notice any sensations, sounds, images, words or feelings you may have and make a note of them for future referral.

When you feel ready to bring yourself back from the relaxation:

  • use your intention to close the energy centre at the top of your head, as if the ball of light was shrinking in size
  • imagine you have roots growing from your feet into the ground
  • if, after a few minutes, you feel light-headed or disoriented, have a small snack or a drink.

Most importantly, enjoy a peaceful and relaxing day as your Soul basks in the wave of new energy and be kind to yourself.


I hope you have enjoyed my photos which have all been based around the theme of LIGHT!

For more information on the influence of ONE, click HERE. January is a TWO month, for more information on the influence of TWO, click HERE. 1st January 2017 is a THREE day, for more information on the influence of THREE, click HERE.

Have a beautiful, prosperous and healthy 2017.

Peace and Love.

Delightful December: Signs & Omens in Nature and Number Three


Balancing on one leg in the Yogic posture of the Tree asana this morning, my gaze was drawn to movement in the branches of the Silver Birch outside, just a few feet away from the window. A smile broadened across my face as I realised the tiny little Birds, joyfully flitting from one branch to another, were Blue Tits.


…..inner joy and creative expression

Their cheerful chatter and bright Blue and Yellow colouring told me of the inner joy and creative expression that was about to enter my life. Immediately my mind made the link to Numerology – as it usually does! I thought of the number THREE that most resonates with this message.

DECEMBER, the final month of the year, often delivers seasonal good cheer as some of us prepare for the giving and receiving of presents, visits to loved ones and an opportunity to rest and unwind.

…..growth and expansion

December is a THREE cycle, and THREE signifies joy, the desire to socialise, growth and expansion.


As Mother Nature rests and recovers here in the Northern hemisphere, she guides us to do the same. While THREE can be a social and busy influence upon our lives, it also links with the mind and asks us to organise our thoughts first. Transformation can occur under the THREE but we must first look within. Coincidentally, in Numerology the word TRANSFORMATION adds up to THREE!


THREE also relates to the Trinity and the shape of the triangle, which links mind, body and Spirit thus providing a perfect opportunity to create. What the mind creates can become a reality, so guard your thoughts with care and be sure that what you are thinking of is what you desire.

…..manifest and create

The ability to manifest and create is strong during a THREE cycle, and often health can be the focus. Our thoughts can create or destroy our health during this powerful influence. Quite relevant, as many of us will over indulge on festive food and drink to gratify our greedy senses, or burn the candle at both ends.

…..focus your mind on positivity

While joy is most likely under the influence of THREE, sometimes the joy is the end result of a struggle, so be aware to focus your mind on positivity.

Today I saw how the dual nature of this world created something beautiful from something toxic. Noticing CHEMTRAILS in the sky above the city, I asked life what the meaning of these were. The answer reminded me of the influence of THREE over the mind. The chemtrails supposedly cause pollution to the health of humanity and the planet, and they create fear and anger in their wake. However, I was shown the irony of such a toxin: they added to the beauty of the sunset, seen in the featured photo above.

So what was their meaning?

…..love, beauty and joy

Our environment is a reflection of our inner selves. The chemtrails represent the harmful thoughts we hold of ourselves that pollute our mind and damage our bodies. This can be most apparent during the influence of THREE, but we each hold the ability to TRANSFORM those negative thoughts into positive vibes and create love and beauty within. The irony of the chemtrails, while toxic, also created beauty and joy at sunset.

…..the power to spread joy and love


So as the number THREE takes a hold of your mind during December, remember that you have the power to spread joy and love with everyone you meet.


First Names beginning with the letters C, L, and U all indicate a social, fun-loving and creative personality who thrives on having many things on the go at once. Individually, C attracts much to itself and gives back, but can be prone to instability at times. L has a stronger connection to the material realm and may possess leadership abilities. U has a more spiritual tendency, but may hold on too much and not let go, at times being thwarted by indecision.

If you live at a number 3 house (12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57, 66, 75, 84, 93 etc) expect your life to be popular and creative, with fun-filled moments and many opportunities for inner growth.


Love and peace

NOVEMBER NOTIONS: Signs & Omens in Nature and Number Two

To continue with the theme of


…..this months feature for November unlocks the Number principles…..


…..mingled with a sneaky peak into the world of signs and omens in our natural environment.

Numerologically, NOVEMBER is an ELEVEN month as well as being the eleventh month of the calendar year, a double helping of double digits! Crikey!



Ambling through the weary looking vegetation, on a recent walk, my thoughts unexpectedly took me to far away places and the relevance of November’s Numerology. November in the Southern hemisphere heralds a time of new growth and warmer weather as the radiant Sun shines for longer hours warming up land and sea. Whilst in the Northern hemisphere the end of Summertime, signalled by the loss of an hour in some countries, gives way to harvest, decay and hibernation. A wonderful example of the opposing forces of duality at work in the natural world.

These opposite realities reminded me of the dual nature at work in our every day lives, and being perfectly reflected under the influence of the numbers TWO and ELEVEN. In Numerology the letters in the word ‘DUAL’ add up to ELEVEN. Quite apt really.


If we look at the figure of TWO: 2…..

we can see two opposite directions. The figure begins at the top pointing to the left, then at the bottom it points to the right. This dual direction can create inner conflict, opposing views and sometimes a lack of confidence in making decisions, which brings about mental torment and extreme mood swings as it almost tears us in two. Fluctuation between the DARK and LIGHT are strong significations under the reticent power of TWO.


With number ONE focused upon the self and moving forward, TWO has moved to the next stage: interaction with another. So, TWO focuses on co-operation within personal relationships, and the opportunity to learn how to find balance of give and take. Here we can learn the best way to use our energy, neither giving too much of ourselves, nor taking too much from another.

The principle of the double digits of ELEVEN (also called a Master number) harnesses the same power as TWO, but with added oomph as it throws the gauntlet down for a higher challenge. The double digits of ELEVEN: 11, show the self reflected in another, asking of us, “Do you see your weakness reflected in this person?” Only self honesty and inner strength can reap the benefits this Spiritually powerful number has to offer.

When the darker side to the self is seen with clarity and non-judgement, only then can we learn to love and accept ourselves and, by extension, love and accept each other. Here compassion is gained as we understand the suffering of our kin through our own experiences.



Hearing the crackles of dried leaves on the ground while on my walk, kept my attention on the present moment. I became satiated with feelings of contentment as I submersed my physical senses in the abundance of Mother Nature. Pausing to connect with a tall Pine tree, I was happily rewarded with the sight of a Squirrel searching for a place to bury some acorns. My stillness cloaked me from the Squirrel’s senses, so I absorbed every moment like a curious child, a broad grin filling my face.

A Time of Preparation…..

Minutes later the Squirrel departed my view, leaving me with the message: ‘Prepare for the coming changes.’ During the rest of my countryside walk, several more Squirrels crossed my path, making sure I’d clearly received the communication. Not only was I reminded of the seasonal changes, but of personal change too.

Frequent observation of my environment has alerted me to the wealth of signs – particularly when seen more than once – that Mother Nature has to offer. These signs and omens provide useful guidance on our journey through life.

This time of preparation, whether for the onset of Winter or the welcome of Summer, is perfectly reflected in the principle of TWO. Last month I talked about the confidence of ONE and the need to move forward with new beginnings. By contrast TWO & ELEVEN signify a time of withdrawal and waiting, as Nature does, to allow the seed -sown under the cycle of ONE – to germinate. It is natural to rest more at this time of year while allowing life to create its magic.


Several Crows flew over head as I continued my walk. The rich velvety black of their lustrous feathers alerted me to the unknown, and reminded me of the dense shroud that TWO & ELEVEN cast upon our lives. Our faith is tested along with patience as we struggle to see what is hidden from sight.

This dark veil coincides beautifully with the Scorpio Dark Moon of November and asks us to remain calm and balanced, and allow events to unfold in their natural time. Whatever this month is leading us towards, will likely remain hidden until the very last moment. This may challenge us to go with the flow and accept that a greater force is at work.

 Numbers and Names…..

First names beginning with B, K and T receive an influence from TWO upon the innate personality. These gentle letters create an emotional and sensitive individual who prefers the company of another. If inner balance is harnessed and doubt is eradicated, intuition can provide a strong guiding force. B has the potential to hold great depths of love, particularly within a family. The idealism of K excels when helping others, and T can reach Spiritual attainment when not playing the martyr. These creative Beings are often shy and nervous around others, but when trust is gained they cultivate loving and loyal friendships.

House numbers adding up to TWO (such as, 2, 20, 101, 299) are perfect for couples, if those couples are well suited! If not, expect challenges and disharmony as you figure out what you both want from life. Houses influenced by ELEVEN (such as 11, 29, 38, 47 etc.) are ideal for following a Spiritual path as this powerful energy brings you in touch with your soul. Providing you don’t give in to cynicism and doubt, you can access wisdom from the higher realms and develop a strong intuition.

Next month I will talk about the influence of three upon our lives and include some other tasty morsels of insight to help you through the month.

Love and Peace

Welcome to my new Blog! – Numbers & Nature

Signs & Omens in Nature

Enjoying an early morning recent walk around my local reservoir, located in the centre of the UK, I couldn’t help but observe the feel of Autumn hovering in the air. The vibrant lush green vegetation quivered on the edge of transformation into shades of apricot and cinnamon as Mother Nature loses the battle with growth and expansion, to accept the inevitable time of Autumn harvest.

This time of year brings an opportunity….

This time of year brings an opportunity to see the results of the past few months. We naturally begin to slow down, with waning daylight and cooling weather, which gives us a chance to take a breath and assess where we are.

Life changing energetic influences during 2016 have been intense to see the least, with many of us feeling overwhelmed, burdened or lost in our daily lives. So, to shine some light upon your journey, I decided to share with you my thoughts on two of my favourite subjects: Nature & Numerology.

Stunning autumnal skies to lift the weariness from our souls….

imag0014Joyfully tuning into the nurturing energetic frequency of Mother Earth I sensed her pace slowing down, as she guides us towards a time of self-care. The extended daylight hours of Summertime in the Northern hemisphere bring an abundance of ultra violet light. This stimulates the brain into longer waking hours, causing us to rush around and complete more tasks than at any other time of year. With the Autumn Equinox under our belt, here in the UK, we are blessed with stunning autumnal skies to lift the weariness from our souls, in exchange for the longer nights. The equal daylight and night-time hours of the Equinox reminds us to find balance in our lives between work, rest and play.

imag0172Blow the cobwebs from a cluttered mind and body….

Autumn is my favourite time of year, with many hours spent avidly watching a delightful bounty of little creatures scurry around to prepare for their hibernation, by building a nest for Winter, or storing food. Earthy colours of yellows, reds and browns help us to stay grounded and practical as we too, like the little creatures, run around in preparation to adjust to the changing season that leads us closer to the year-end. Cleansing winds blow the cobwebs from a cluttered mind and body allowing us to appreciate the space for new inner growth.

Bring things to a close….


Listening to the wisdom of this beautiful planet I was reminded of the significance of this year, 2016, and of the previous month of September. 2016 has been a significant year, Numerologically speaking. It is a NINE year, which some of you may already know. Not only is it a NINE year but September, the ninth month of the year, is also a NINE month (Numerologically). Plenty of NINE‘s! Beautifully coinciding with Harvest time, the influence of the NINE‘s helps us to naturally bring things to a close.


Looking back over the year so far, many of the changes we have encountered are either coming to an end, or transforming from one state to another, like the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. As our valued experiences become the past, they leave us with the generous gift of wisdom.

Liberation and freedom….

imag00552Autumnal winds encourage the fading leaves to release their hold on the tree, so they can drift to the Earth to decompose and provide a healthy growing medium for new life to sprout. Likewise, the number NINE asks us to liberate that which is no longer meant for us, so we can create space for new growth.

Letting go can be an emotional experience, particularly from something or someone of a long-standing nature. Ultimately this timely release can bring freedom, as we allow room within our lives for spiritual evolution.

Let go of fear….

The deciduous nature of the trees can teach us to detach from fear, as the leaves let go in Autumn, and bare our true essence to the world. As October settles and we approach 2017, we can remove the old worn out ways to allow room for new growth. With the powerful energy alignments that have taken place this year, we can become a more open, honest and stronger version of ourselves.

Step through the door of transformation….

September saw a significant number vibration, on the 9th (9-9-9) which occurred once again on the 18th and the 27th. The powerful energy of the 9-9-9 gateway dared us to step through the door of transformation, let go of fear and make changes from within.

Unmissable inner prompting….

What was your Soul whispering on September 9th? Were you asked to end or to let go of something? And on the 18th the whisper became louder, “Are you going to end this?” Until finally on the 27th, the whispering became an inner prompting not to be missed, “Okay, it’s time to let go. NOW!”

For many of us, the ending may take a while to fully integrate within our lives. We may need time off to consider the consequences and options available. Certainly by the year-end, all loose ends will be tied. As we enter 2017 we will have a much better idea of where we are heading.

Rebirth or fresh opportunity….

Summer signals the end of a season which leads to the beginning of a new season – in the UK this is Autumn. A new season invites a new start, a rebirth or a fresh opportunity which is more in alignment with the relevant time of year. Often we can only see the benefit of a transformation after it has taken place. imag00543

With the influenceof NINE to instigate closure, we are lovingly guided into October and closer to 2017 – both of which carry the influence of the number ONE. During October we can be shown a glimpse of what it is in our lives that we need to begin.


You only have to take a look at the widely used symbol of 1 to see that it’s power lies within ONE direction: straight ahead. Its single-mindedness allows it to keep moving forward, as it follows its journey along a straight path.

ONE begins with the self, body, health, personality, ego, energy, drive. It is the manifestation of Spirit into Physical form. ONE is the beginning, the original thinker, the loner. ONE calls for self-confidence, bravery and independence, as it prefers to lead rather than to follow. It may surge ahead with enthusiastic ambition leaving others behind, caught up in the wake.

ONE encourages us to find our inner power, as we are tested with life situations to build upon our self-confidence and independence. For those of you strongly affected by ONE in your personal Numerology, you will feel the influence more strongly than others. (To find this out, see below.)

Not only in October but, more significantly, in 2017, we receive the opportunity to put new ideas and original thinking in place. An independant nature brings the desire to do things alone.

The valuable wisdom gained from the significant influences of September and, on a larger scale, through 2016 can bring fresh insight and solutions to old problems. This allows us to see new life and hope as we move forward.

It is a perfect time to begin a new project or culminate new ideas and fresh perspectives. If you have a desire to learn something new, October brings that opportunity for you to branch out, gain new experience or increase your knowledge.


If your first name begins with A, J or S, this instils the qualities of ONE within your true nature. You are an original thinker, and at times need your space or favour your own company. You prefer to focus on yourself and your own needs, but can excel at directing others. The letter ‘A’ has great strength as a leader or in self employment. ‘J’ chases positions of leadership, but is met with opportunities where authority or decisions maybe challenged. ‘S’ needs independence and freedom, but may meet many challenges where confidence is needed. Each of these letters creates a head-strong individual that strives to know their own mind and does not like to be swayed by others.


If you live at a Number ONE house, (ONE is the result of Fadic addition, see below), throughout the time you live there, you will find this powerful number influencing the direction of your experiences as a whole. Courage, independence and new beginnings will shape your innate Being to mold you into a stronger you! When you have completed that transformation, it will be time to move to your next house and the next stage.

Numbers are the foundation of existence and without them we would not be here. Each number is a principle that governs over certain areas of life, or inherent personal qualities. Understanding how numbers influence our personality, create obstacles and goals, or lead us to our soul’s purpose, can help us make sense of our journey through the intricate web that life weaves.

Over the coming weeks I will share with you my personal perception of the influences of numbers and throw into the mix insights and observations of esoteric matters, with the aim of enlightening your mind, uplifting your heart and brightening your day.


To find your Personal Numerology Year, add up all the numbers in your date and month of birth, together with the year of your last birthday, until you are left with only one digit (the exception to this are double digits such as 11,22,33,44, I will deal with these at a later date).

For example:

23.5.2016 becomes 2+3+5+2+1+6=19, then 1+9=10, then 1+0=1.

For your house number, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, etc, each of these adds up to ONE. Simply add all the numbers up until you are left with a single digit.

Peace and love.