AUGUST, 2017, and Number 9

Crikey, there are some powerful energies blasting us all this month! We have the Lionsgate Portal open from 26th July until 12th August, the Lunar eclipse on 7th August and the total Solar eclipse on 21st August. That’s a big bowlful of change that’s sweeping through our lives and clearing things out.

2017, being a ONE energy (in Numerology) is all about New Beginnings, and this month of August, which is a NINE cycle, in Numerology, is all about endings.

Whatever has been brewing within our lives over the last seven months, will likely reach a potent point of change this month.

Whether it is negative emotions, destructive behaviours, limiting beliefs, out dated thought patterns, or toxic relationships, we are being shoved with a powerful force into getting rid of what is no longer good for us, so that we can make the most of the ONE cycle of 2017.

This NINE month allows us the opportunity to see what does not work so we can get rid of it.

If we attach our emotions to this release and move forward in a state of fear and panic, then we will likely create suffering for ourselves.

On the hand, if we are able to detach from the drama and see the endings for what they really are: A NEW OPPORTUNITY, then we can gain wisdom and not have to repeat the lesson again.

NINE maybe calling us to get rid of those people in our lives that hold us back, but it will also allow us the opportunity to develop stronger bonds with those that support our growth.

If work is no longer WORKING! Walk away, say goodbye and step through the doors that open right in front of you that will take you to something better.

Cleanse your mind, your emotions, your home, your body. Cleanse it all and clear out the crap so the new can come in.

We are all in a wonderful position now to shift our perspective into a more positive mind-set that will promote our health, well-being and Spiritual growth.


First Names Beginning with I, R

Names that begin with the letter I and R, are independent and idealistic. I likes to stand firm in its beliefs and may stand up for those less fortunate. likes to become actively involved in helping others, but may need to slow the pace a little.

House Numbers

Houses with the vibration of 9 (9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90 etc) offer the opportunity to deepen the love connection on a humanitarian level. They will also advocate plenty of change with the ending of anything that is not meant for the future. Living at a 9 house will assist in developing qualities such as compassion, understanding, and provide valuable experiences where wisdom can be gained.


Thanks for reading!

Love and Peace.


JULY & Number 8

We kick off July with a bowlful of energy. Numerologically July is an EIGHT cycle (the seventh month: 7+ 2+0+1+7=8), and EIGHT is active and full of stamina, so my first piece of advice is: make sure you get enough REST. The desire to be active and DO, DO, DO will be strong this month, particularly after the previous month of rest and recuperation.

When we take a look at the digit of EIGHT: 8, we can see the infinity symbol on its side. This provides important clues for how EIGHT will influence our lives.

EIGHT has a strong KARMIC influence, where we will see the results of the energies we have thrown into the past few months. We are all CREATORS and EIGHT allows us to create our reality.

Have you given out positive vibes? Or have you sent negativity into the Universe?

Whatever you have given, you will receive back. This month we will see the results of past actions, so we all have the potential to experience success or failure.

EIGHT is strongly associated with the material, physical world, so anything in connection to this can feature, for example, physical relationships, work, outdoor pursuits, money. So, expect that Karmic influence to visit any or all of these areas and provide you with a return on your Karmic investment.

The positive inclinations of the EIGHT cycle are: Success, energy, abundance, ambition. Whatever you set out to do this month, with focus and determination, you can succeed, although be mindful of not being too ruthless along the way.


House Numbers

Living at a house that vibrates to the number EIGHT, (8, 17, 26, 35, 44, 53, 62, 71, 80, etc), you will likely have plenty of energy during your stay. Whatever you set out to do you can find success in your ventures. Ambition, independence and determination will be your strengths to help you along the way.


First Name Letters

First names beginning with the letters H, Q, Z (a couple of less common letters there!) will like independence, leadership roles and strive for success. is grounded, enjoys nature and creating. Q requires more than just a physical connection with life. is often inspired by intuition and spirituality.


Enjoy this powerful energy of creation for JULY.

Love and Peace


June and Number 7

Moving through the last few days of May my body manifested an injury that has left me immobile and in excruciating pain (hence the delayed post). I had to chuckle at the timing of it.

I mentioned last month – which was a SIX cycle in Numerology ( May is the fifth month, so 5+2+0+1+7=6) – about how SIX asks us to take responsibility for ourselves, our health in particular.

And we have now moved into the next cycle of SEVEN (June is sixth month, so 6+2+0+1+7=7) which provides the perfect opportunity for us to find our place in the world and to discover who we are and why we maybe suffering in some way.

We all inflict suffering upon ourselves through our thoughts. Either we become lost in the past, or we disappear into the future, or we become trapped in a whirlpool of negative self talk. We all do it, it’s Human nature.

So the cycle of SEVEN has arrived which gives us the opportunity to delve into our mental realm to discover what’s going on within.

When I think of the influence of SEVEN, many words come to mind that begin with the letter R (don’t ask me why, I don’t know!).

This month is all about taking time out for Relaxation and Rest, finding some quiet time for Reflection, as well as allowing space for Recovery and Recuperation.

SEVEN  asks us to look within, discover what makes us tick and be willing to face hidden aspects so we can release them to the light for healing.

During the SEVEN cycle it is not a time to be pushing forward, and if we do so and go against the natural flow, we may find that we encounter a brick wall.

SEVEN is a number that represents physical completion, if we think of the WEEK, there are SEVEN days, where usually we rest upon the SEVENTH day, so this month is our SEVENTH day.

JUNE is the month for the Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere it is the longest day which allows for transformation within the light, where truth, purity and clarity will lead the way. Whereas, in the Southern Hemisphere, the Solstice is celebrated for the longest night, and this brings the opportunity for transformation by facing the darkness within.

Taking a look at the digit of 7we see two straight lines. The vertical represents the SELF, and the horizontal represents the MENTAL plane, this is a good indicator of its significance in our lives. It is something to be aware of: during this SEVEN month, as we may find we are caught up within the world of thought. So take care when doing something physical that requires focus (such as driving), and that you are not off with the Fairies in your imagination (or the Goblins or Trolls for that matter!).

A lot can be gained from this month, although the lessons that SEVEN delivers can sometimes be quite testing. If so, remember to focus on what you can gain from the experience.


Letters G, P, Y

First names beginning with G, P, Y will have an inclination towards the use of the mind in some way, usually deep thinkers and may prefer independance. G, can be productive and creative when the energy is chanelled correctly. P may have a tendancy towards intellectual pursuits, and needs freedom, most likely to assess the frequent choices that are required (see how the letter Y has a fork).

Providing these letters are given their space they can achieve a great deal.

House Numbers

If you live at a house pertaining to the influence of SEVEN (7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52, 61, 70, 79 etc.) you will find the need to withdraw from the world to find who you are and why you are here. A spiritual tendancy may awaken if not already experienced where you may find the need to search for answers to big questions.


If you have enjoyed my posts on NUMEROLOGY and how it influences our lives, and would like to find out how NUMBERS influence you on an individual basis, why not have a SOUL READING.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace 🙂

Take back your POWER, Take back your Health

We live in a modern society where we have become used to giving away our power and not realising it. We do it every day by giving our power to other people to run the country, who are no more capable than you or I.

We have become used to visiting the doctors and the dentist who we give our power to, so we can get better quickly, rather than taking responsibility for our own health and making positive choices.

The Human body is a magnificent living organism that is fully capable of healing itself naturally when it is given the right conditions. Except most of us don’t want to give it the right conditions.

The result? Ill health.

Suffering and pain usually leads us to the doctors, or dentist in the hope that the person we are telling our problems to can make them go away and make us feel better. But the only person that can have a positive and lasting impact upon our health, is ourselves.

We each have the power to heal. We each have the power to take responsibility for our own lives and make a difference.

I’m not saying to stop going to the doctors or the dentist, they are, at heart, healers. But they are not miracle workers. We as individuals are, within our own lives. We can create miracles in our lives. We each have the power to do that.

I have been suffering ill-health for the last 2-3 years and I have spent many hours contemplating the reasons for my suffering so that I can find a way to heal. My healing journey has been moving in the right direction and I have encountered many valuable lessons along the way. I have also, at times, visited holistic practitioners to assist in the cleansing of negative energy that blocks the body, and this I recommend.

Currently I am experiencing severe dental issues and I after going into a place of fear and anxiety for a while, I finally had a wake up call and found the light. I am taking responsibility for my health and my first step was to embrace, with all of my heart, the belief that I can and will heal. From that moment on, positive feelings flooded into my life along with a knowing that I will succeed.

So next time you feel ill, by all means visit a health practitioner, but also be open to making positive changes in your life that will result in positive outcomes. Take back your power, rather than taking a pill to cover up the symptoms so you can forget about them. The body sends us messages all the time to warn us of imbalances. Only when we refuse to listen, does a dis-ease manifest.

We have the power to heal ourselves, naturally and we have the power to be happy and free.

Own your power!

May & Number 6

It’s the 4th May today, so my post is a little late – better late than not at all! BTW: May the Forth be with you! 🙂

This month we are in the Universal Number vibration of SIX. ( 5/2017: 5+2+0+1+7=6). A Universal influence in Numerology affects everybody at an ‘outer level’, whereas personal Numerology affects the individual at the core – an ‘inner level’ – of who they are.

So let’s see what roll of the dice the Universe has in store this month.

SIX is all about responsibilities, and these come in many forms.

Our biggest responsibility is the one we have with ourselves, to maintain our health and well-being so that we can live through each day and make the most of it.

SIX carries a strong nurturing influence. If you look at the digit 6, it can remind us of the pregnant woman – look at how the lower circle could look like a pregnant belly. So here is a big clue from the number SIX to nurture ourselves and our loved ones. But only can we nurture our loved ones when we have first taken care of ourselves.

The burden of responsibility to help others may rest like a boulder upon our tired shoulders this month, if we are choosing to ignore our own need for rest and recuperation.

Many of us are conditioned into believing that we must sacrifice ourselves to help others, but this is mindless rubbish. How can we be of any help to anyone if we are suffering as a consequence?

SIX asks us to examine our commitments and whether we are being realistic in what we can achieve. Only say ‘Yes’ if you really believe you can deliver without personal sufferance. Be aware of becoming the martyr.

Interestingly, the word, SAVIOUR, is a SIX word (all the letters add up to six).

SIX  will ask us to look at our domestic responsibilities, our home and family and how harmonious or comfortable we feel within our environment and what or who is close to our heart. If we feel dread about something or someone, trust those feelings and take action to remove yourself.

SIX connects us to our SIXth sense and our inner truth, so make the most of this connection and listen to the inner guiding force, it may be strong at the moment.

Truth and justice come in strongly during a SIX vibration, so no matter what happens, we are being delivered to that which holds only Light: the pure Light of the Truth.

Sometimes the truth can be difficult to face, but it is what we need to liberate us from our ego, so listen only to love. Turn your back on criticism and embrace the light. LOVE is all that matters……………


Names beginning with F, O, X

F, O & X usually have a strong bond to their family and need harmony and balance at home. F maybe creative and easily lost in the mind, often feeling ungrounded so creating something physically will help. O is whole and absorbs what it encounters, so it must learn to let go of what it doesn’t need. X has a powerful energy but can struggle to find balance. Creativity can help each of these letters to find balance.


House Numbers

If you live at a SIX house (6,15,24,33,42,51,60 etc), family is going to be important to you, above all else. The opportunity to understand unconditional love will come knocking at your door, so open the door and embrace it!


Love and Peace to everyone…………….

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Going Round in Circles?

Doesn’t it sometimes feel as though Life is leading you round in circles?

Do you encounter a situation that seems familiar and you think, “Hang on a minute, haven’t I already dealt with this?”
Well maybe you have already dealt with it, but the truth is, maybe something you missed the first time around.

Often when we re-visit something it’s because we need to gain a different perspective.
We never just go round in circles, what we do is follow a spiral. A spiral that leads up and up to an infinite point.
As Human Beings and as Spiritual beings, we never stop moving forward and we never stop evolving. This means that we are always learning.

So whilst we may re-visit an experience again and again, it will never be the same every time.
Each encounter we have in Life, we bring to the experience the advantage of past insight.

We use the wisdom we have gained to shed a little Light on the matter, which gives us the opportunity to see more clearly. And maybe we will see something that we did not see before.
So, remember the Spiral. Yes, it does go round and round and round and round, but it also moves upwards towards an infinite higher point.

By living every day in the present moment there will always be the opportunity to evolve and reach the next level.


Peace and love.

AHOY APRIL! Symbolism and Numerology.


This month we are influenced by the FIVE cycle. This is because 2017 is a ONE cycle, 2+0+1+7=10, 1+0=1, and April is the fourth month, so 1+4=5.

The FIVE cycle is all about change and movement, sensuality and expression.

FIVE occupies the centre position between 1-9, so it demands balance, however, the powerful energy that instigates change and movement can create rampant restlessness and distracting dissemination. Damn!

As long as the inner voice is headed when requesting rest or a slower pace, these dynamic vibes can be successfully harnessed. Be mindful of staying true to yourself.

FIVE is perfect for innovative inspiration and ingenious solutions.

Lovingly chase your dreams and don’t hold back!

FIVE doesn’t just see black, white or grey. FIVE sees the colours in between. FIVE hears more of what’s being said and feels the vibes surfing the ether. This month, the FIVE senses will cry out for gratification, so keep a watchful eye upon over-indulgence of all kinds! Taste-buds will demand to be tantalised and the pleasure centre may well be insatiable.

Remember to seek balance!


If we view the FIVE pointed star, we see each point reaches in a different direction. This is typical of the influence of FIVE.  After the restrictive form of the previous cycle of FOUR, we now seek freedom, to stretch ourselves beyond what we have previously known. This significant influence delivers the desire to change and move beyond what we once believed was possible.

Don’t hold back, let yourself be free.

During this FIVE month you may feel the need to chatter and communicate your opinions to all who will listen, or, maybe you prefer to express yourself in a way that suits your talents and abilities. Creative outlets can provide the perfect medium to channel the erratic life-force energy of FIVE and produce a moving, meaningful, or magnetic creation.

The most important piece of advice I can give you with the FIVE cycle, is to find balance and pace yourself.


As is always the case in the weird and mystical life that I enjoy, I see signs, omens and messages all around me everyday. In the last few days, leading up to the change in energies, I have witnessed an abundance of squirrels in my daily life, which are advising me to prepare for approaching changes.

In addition, the delightful Robin Red Breast has flown onto my path – quite literally – while out walking, to sing his song of approaching new developments. And to confirm these positive omens of change, the Blackbirds have graced my garden each day, delivering the message of new perspectives.

It is time for change.

The previous three months of 2017 have allowed for learning and deciding what or who we want in our lives over the following months. 2017 is an important year of change for all of us and Life is asking us, “How do you want to live your life?”

Do we hold onto the past, the old, or the behaviours and relationships that harm us? Or, do we liberate ourselves so we can embrace new, positive and healthy possibilities?

The choice is yours.

Names Beginning with E, N, W

The letters of the FIVE vibration are freedom lovers that seek expression of some kind. is adaptable, restless and direct, with a need for open communication. will benefit from sharing inspired innovations with the world, and may experience intense ups and downs or extreme situations. The need for independence and travel is strong with anyone who has an abundance of these letters in their name.

House Numbers

If you live in a house that is influenced by the FIVE vibration, (5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50, 59 68, 77, 86, 95 etc) you will find your time at this address to be full of change and movement. Travel may inspire you and the need to enrich your life with new and exciting experiences.


Check out my other posts relating to Numerology and please feel free to contact me for a chat or if you have any questions about the work I do.

Love and peace.


What’s Your Story?

What story do you tell yourself about who you are and what you do?

Most of us have been moulded into shape by old traditions, out of date beliefs, false perceptions and unreasonable expectations. A torrid mixing pot of lies and illusions that hinder personal expansion and block the truth. It’s no ones fault, it’s just the way it is.

Do you see yourself through tainted eyes, a reflection of your past, or do you see what see others see?

The mirror shows the truth, but if you cannot or see clearly, the truth lays out of reach and its whispers of freedom get lost. If you are afraid to look at your reflection of the real you, the light remains obscured by shadows of doubt.

How much is your perception coloured by someone else’s twisted judgement of a punishing world that seeks to destroy? Do you believe the false projections that others try to force upon you, or do you perceive their pain and recognise their cry for help?

When repeatedly brainwashed by cruel words and unworthy opinions, our perception of the world becomes twisted and fake. We fail to see the world with love, and beauty becomes lost in addiction and materialism.

Do you tell yourself lies, get lost in illusion or refuse to awake from the dream world you paint?

Our beliefs, principles and even morals can become cast in stone and stuck in time if we hide in the shadows away from the light. Or they can transform and change to reflect our changing inner world as we break free from that which seeks to restrain or repress us.

Are you standing in front of the mirror of life yet seeing nothing but lack and loss?

If we believe the sad stories that others tell, of woe, poverty, grief and despair, these stories can become our own. We can choose whether to own them or let them go as a false tale that has no substance. Good health is a product of our past actions. Money is an energy like everything else that shifts and moves to where it is attracted to. Positive thinking is a blessing that can be gained through practice and faith. All of these, we have the power to change, accept or surrender to.

Does love and joy fill your mind as you bask in the glory of being you?

When the jackpot prize of self-care and nurturing has been won, we receive the opportunity to embark down a new path to discover the truth and recover from the past. We realise that we have been lied to and that we have lied to ourselves, but now we are free and will no longer return to what and who we once were. Our past becomes a distant memory washed away by the cleansing waves of time. No longer are we afraid to be true to ourselves and shine our light.
Can you see the truth that’s trapped inside? In a world that has been consumed by darkness for many years, it can be easy to follow the same path as everyone else. If we allow our shadows to lead the way, we will never see the light that creates them.

A shadow would not exist without light, so turn around and see yourself shine.

Do you hear the loving whisper that guides and comforts? Or does doubt and confusion ring loud in your mind as it drowns the feelings that flow through your soul?

Many of us live within the negative rantings of the ego mind and worse still, we believe the lies it tells. The purpose of our ego is to lead us away from the light of truth, but in doing so, it gives us a choice: do we follow or not?

Maybe we are fooled by the fear-driven deception of the ego but by setting the intention to listen to our heart, we can open a door to a better path. A journey begins, a new life that will lead us back to the light within our heart.

To make a decision, ask yourself: ‘Which choice makes my heart feel warm and safe?’

MARVELLOUS MARCH – Signs & Omens in Nature & Number Four

Number FOUR

Welcome to March!

This month we celebrate the equinox as Mother Earth moves into a time of equal light and dark. This brings us all the opportunity to practice balance within our own inner light and dark, so we can release what no longer works for us.

………practice balance

imag01082The Solar eclipse of March heralds big changes on a planetary and personal basis that will affect our lives over the next few months, and again this offers the opportunity to clear out the old and welcome the new and exciting.

2017 is a year of changes as we are all influenced by the number ONE. This provides new opportunities, fresh starts, the need for independence, and focus on the self. How this will manifest in our lives will depend on our individual Numerology.

March is a FOUR month – numerologically speaking. FOUR relates to matters of the Physical realm, such as, work, health, physical relationships, land and home.

……..get organised and be practical

FOUR asks us to get organised and be practical. Where the energy of February focused upon the mind, March will ask us to stay grounded in physical reality. We can do this by connecting with Nature.

Here, in the Northern Hemisphere, we bound towards Spring and more daylight as Mother Nature bursts into life with the pleasing sight of new growth. Here, we are reminded to go ahead and take action. While in the Southern Hemisphere, the land prepares to slow down and take a needed break. Both of these attributes are significant under the vibration of FOUR.

Any ideas we may have been contemplating over the previous couple of months can now be extricated from the mind and born into physical reality. This may be a change at work, a new job, relocation, or even a new home.

……….lay foundations

imag01092FOUR gives us the opportunity to lay foundations of our plans, providing we remain realistic. We are asked to look at things with logic and reason. What may have eluded our vision previously, can now be seen more clearly, like looking through a window. Typically, a window has FOUR sides and as we look through the glass, we can see with clarity what is on the other side. We are no longer fooled by our illusions.

……….logic and reason

This month you may be called to improve upon your health or physical fitness, as FOUR rules the Physical realm, which includes the body. With the strong focus upon the self, through this year’s powerful energy of ONE, this month we may all be actively leaning towards doing what is best for our well-being.




If your name begins with D, M, or V, you are likely a strong earthy type of person who is usually grounded. You prefer to see things logically rather than through your feelings and may have a tendency towards being a little too interested in the material world.

Notice how each of these letters has a long straight line, this confirms the grounding quality of these letters. Each one can be a little stubborn at times, often becoming stuck in old belief systems.

D, is a practical hard worker that may become more stuck than the other two. M, can often have a split personality and mood swings, while being more strong-willed than D. V, is the most powerful letter of the alphabet, as it resonates to the energy of TWENTY TWO, which signifies the master achiever. This strong vibration can deliver profound changes in the physical realm but may also cause nervous tension due to its power.



If you live in a house which vibrates to the number FOUR (4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 58, 67, 76, 85, 94, etc) you will have the opportunity to organise your life and implement changes in the physical realm. Your life will be practical and strongly based upon material matters. The numbers 13,22 and 40, each hold a powerful energy that can bring more profound opportunities than the other vibrations of FOUR. 

Love and peace.


Further information relating to ONE, TWO THREE.

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Spiritual Guidance


THE POWER OF WORDS AND FEELINGS: creating a bond that binds the Soul

Words have no meaning. True or false?

Words have the power to help or harm, nurture or destroy. The outcome depends upon the intention behind them.

To tell someone you love them, has no meaning if those words do not have the heartfelt emotion of true love to support them. They are empty, devoid of power. But to say to a loved one “I will love you until death parts us,” a vow often spoken at a wedding, these words have emotion behind them. When words are charged with emotion, whatever that emotion is, its like they’re turbo-fuelled. The power has meaning and creates a vow, an agreement, a contract.

A spoken agreement that is energised with emotion binds the Soul. I’m not referring to a legally binding contract, but an agreement that is made on a Soul level.

When words are uttered to another living Being, whether in love or rage, a chord is formed between the two Souls. This chord is invisible at the physical level but can be seen at an energetic level. The chord joins the two Souls together indefinitely until it is broken.

Imagine what it must look like to see all the chords that bind us, splayed out from our bodies. We all have them and they do not only form between people. Anything we have desired with heartfelt emotion is likely to be attached to us. For positive or negative.

These binding attachments can follow us through every lifetime, until they are broken. They have the power to either drain our life force or energise us. They can infiltrate our thoughts, feelings and actions and affect who we are and how we behave.

Positive vows are not a bad thing, they can nourish the Soul by attracting love and positive feelings. However, negative vows have the power to cause great suffering and even ruin peoples’ lives. They drain the energy of the body and weaken the Soul, and they can steal abundance, clarity and peace.

Words spoken in a rage, such as, “I will never forgive you” cause a powerful reaction unseen in the physical realm. The bondage created by this statement that has been charged with rage, is like locking the heart within a cage and throwing away the key. This cage acts as a barrier, as It closes the heart down so it cannot feel love.

heart-268151_640Consequently, over time, the physical heart suffers. We are, after all, Spiritual Beings and in our true state in the Spirit realm all we know is pure love. So to deny the heart the energy it needs to flourish and keep us alive, may lead to physical problems with the health of the heart.

Withholding forgiveness is unlikely to harm the person that remains unforgiven. To carry the burden of resentment and anger, weighs down the person who carries the load. What load do you carry? Have you uttered those words, “I will never forgive you” during a moment of rage? Or, how about, “You will pay for what you’ve done” or, “I hate you, this is your fault.”

Negative words fuelled by emotion can stop forward motion. They can create a lack of abundance in life, whether this is health, wealth, love or happiness, I’m sure we all have areas in life where we feel we are lacking. Whatever the sad story is – and we all have them – there’s a good possibility it’s the result of a negative bond, or Soul agreement.

So, what’s the purpose of the agreement? Why would anyone do something to harm themselves in this way? The same reason that anyone does anything. We are all here on Earth to learn. The Soul’s Purpose is to gain wisdom, to grow and evolve. When we are not learning, we are not moving forward. If we are not moving forward, we come to a stop.

By becoming aware of the agreements, or bonds that you may have attached to your Soul, it allows you the opportunity to release yourself and find peace. Once you acknowledge that a bond has been formed, you can ask the Angels or your Spirit Guides to free you from the chains that have you held captive.

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