About me….

I welcome you, with the love in my heart, to my website. Please read on for a sneak preview into my life.

Although I’ve always believed we are Spiritual Beings, I didn’t fully embrace the concept until 2009 when my Soul flicked a switch and woke me up to ‘reality’. Since then my personal goals shifted. Now, I practise connecting to and following the guidance of my heart; I seek out and speak my truth, with love.

As an intuitive Empath, I feel my way through life with my senses. Often overwhelmed by the fast pace and noise of humanity, I sometimes prefer to retreat like a tortoise in its shell. I enjoy countryside walks where I connect with Nature Spirits, Mother Earth and the Animal Kingdom, and feel a sense of oneness with all of life. The woods in the photo above, is one of my favourite places to unwind. It’s a heavenly sanctuary!

As I travel  the path to wellness and recovery, I like to use the gifts that Mother Nature provides through the healing power of plants and crystals to restore inner balance and physical wellbeing.

Through practising self-awareness and mindfulness I seek to understand the truth of the experiences I encounter in life, so that I may pass this wisdom on and help Humanity. It is my heart’s desire to inspire people with optimism and a shift in perspective, and to replace low self-worth with self-belief and empowerment.

Connecting with Angels, Guides, Nature Spirits and other Spirit Beings, awakens my inner joy and brings a feeling of comfort which strengthens my trust in life.

In my leisure time, artistic endeavours light the flames of my inner passion as I share my gifts with the world, through the mediums of words and pictures. My blog is just a small taste of those creative offerings, so I hope you enjoy!


Angelic Reiki Master Teacher; Seichim Master; Crystal Therapy Practitioner; Australian Bush Flower Essences Practitioner; Numerologist; Medium; Psychic; Energy Healer; Visionary; Writer

Member of British Psychic & Medium Association