my little cat

My Best Friend

Meet Maggie, my most cherished companion in all the world.

She turned thirteen only a few months ago, and while some people may class this age as elderly, cats can live for twenty years and beyond. She may be a little stiff when she’s just had a nap–who isn’t? But after a few stretches–which look just like yoga poses–she’s as nimble as she was a few years ago.

cat in full body stretch

This picture on the right is her sister Grace, showing us one of those famous full-body stretches. Sadly, Grace died unexpectedly, and suddenly, at only eight years old. It was a very sad time; I’m sure anyone who has an animal companion in their life can relate.


Are cats psychic?

I believe they are.

They know when you’re on your way home, and they wait by the front door. They sense someone that doesn’t like animals and they keep their distance.  If you feel sad, they give you a cuddle. And they remind you take a break from the seriousness of life to have some fun.

Maggie is particularly good at picking up when I am too focused on my work. She persistently rubs around my ankles, meowing and purring the cutest sounds until I pay her attention.


cat asleep on bed

Love and Support

My little bundle of fluff has been there with me through many of life’s challenges: grief and separation; depression; illness. She has even helped me work through some anger issues, by showing me patience and tolerance.

When I go to bed, she comes too. We have a little ritual where I fuss her for a while, then she sits on the windowsill watching the night-time creatures scuttle about. She seems to sense when I’m ready to fall asleep because she curls up next to my pillow and purrs until I do. And, knowing she is so close, all I have to do is rest my cheek against her soft, warm fur, I fall asleep with a smile on my face.

I wrote a poem some time ago, just something silly, about Maggie and Grace. I hope you enjoy it!


Two Little Cats

There’s a little pussycat sleeping on my bed.

She’s curled up tight into a ball can’t even see her head!

I touch her gently. She wakes up, has a stretch and yawn.

I smile at her. I’m grateful for these creatures I adore.

Running, jumping, leaping, stalking, playful for a while.

Chasing bits of crumpled paper; how they make me smile.

I lay in bed dozing off, she snuggles by my head.

The other one is curled up at the bottom of my bed.

These precious little creatures bring me joy if I am sad.

They are my friends, who live with me. For that I’m very glad.


I hope you have enjoyed this post. I’d love to hear from you, and all about your little bundle of fluff! 🙂


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