healthy self worth

What it means to have Healthy Self-Worth

Healthy self-worth brings abundance and positive opportunities which can lead to fulfilment, inner joy and peace, and who wouldn’t want that?

If you have low-self you most likely have little regard for your well-being and stumble through life feeling undeserving of the gifts it bestows on you.

Feeling unworthy can manifest in a variety of ways:

  • we don’t nurture ourselves, or get enough rest, or exercise, or eat a healthy diet
  • we don’t set healthy boundaries, instead allowing others to use us like doormats
  • we put other people’s needs before our own, and then suffer for it in some way
  • we put up with abuse, or become the abuser
  • we stay in unhealthy relationships because we believe no one else will want/love us
  • we don’t take opportunities to better our lives
  • we punish ourselves with unhealthy or self-destructive behaviour
  • we have a ‘lack’ mentality and believe life will not support us
  • we take the blame for things that are not our responsibility
  • we attack others with criticism, and ourselves

These are just a few of the manifestations of having low-self worth.

I believe self-worth is to put your health and well-being before anything, or anyone else. Before money, before work, before socialising, before family obligation. Because if you don’t take care of you first, how can you live a fulfilling life and be of service to anyone else?

Society has brainwashed a lot of us to believe that we should not to put ourselves first, but this false concept is created by the ego. We are all equal and deserving, and when we have taken care of our needs, we can then give to others. If we take care of others first before we have replenished our own life-force, we will become depleted and be of no use to anyone.

I believe that no matter how hard it is to sometimes put the self first – even if it means our material security could be affected – if the long term is to be secure, it has to be done.

Have you ever gone to work when you were sick and really wanted to stay at home until you felt better? I used to do that regularly, it got me nowhere. Trying to please someone else or live up to unreasonable expectations – our own or someone else’s – is only going to lead to personal suffering.

If you have low self-worth and put as much effort into taking care of your own health and wellbeing as you do for other people it will lead to . . . guess what?

Better health and wellbeing for you!

Go on, do it. Think of yourself and what YOU need first. Learn to say NO to low self-worth, and YES to your health and wellbeing.


Love and Peace 🙂

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