falling feather and raindrops, you are always there, life after death,

A Poem: Always There

In my previous post I talked about PROOF OF LIFE AFTER DEATH, and I shared my experiences which have constituted as proof for me.

Still on the subject of LIFE AFTER DEATH, I would like to share a poem I wrote some years ago. The poem is about how I perceive the world around me as being full of PROOF that there is life beyond the physical world.

We only have to notice the magnificence of this beautiful world and the positive qualities of Human Beings to realise that it isn’t all random, or meaningless. We often fear what we cannot understand or experience through the five physical senses, but when we look deeply at who we are in our hearts, surely it is obvious that we are more than just a physical mass of chemical reactions that blink out of existence at death?

The world around shows me every day that there is so much we do not know. And I am grateful to be on a journey of discovery of what lies beyond the veil. Here it is:

Always There 

A falling feather, a rustling leaf

When raindrops fall upon my cheek

A smiling stranger when I feel low

Reminds my head what my heart always know

A singing bird, and busy bee

The shelter given by lush green trees

 The warming sun, the cooling rain

Fading light as daytime wanes

 The delicate breeze, a hurricane storm

Indigo skies as night-time dawns

 Harmonious tones and pure melody

That resonate deep inside of me

 Loving thoughts and meaningful words

Of inspiration that must be heard

 With every breath of sweet fresh air

Your presence is felt, I know you are there

 Each single moment throughout the day

You are here beside me showing the way.

If you like my poem, please ‘like’ & ‘share’, but please respect my copyright and make sure it is credited to me and this website. Thank you.

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Love and Peace



2 thoughts on “A Poem: Always There

  1. Johnny says:

    I’m admiting to not understanding the nature of this piece. Naturalism, by definition, pushes us to perceive orderly meaning within it’s infinite functions. It teaches us that rain falls and how it does, how bees fly and why they do. All of that is beautiful. Tears evaporate, bees die, and so do we. And that’s beautiful. Natural beauty isn’t substance to say something exists beyond it, that seems counterproductive.
    Nature assures us there needn’t be anything after death, and if there is, nature will not help you at proving it, because our natural universe is made of finite segments in an infinite motion. We are part of it, but we do not need to be more important than we are, we are beautiful even if insignificant.


    • lizkeedy says:

      Hi Johnny, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I understand the perspective of Naturalism, my poem was written from the perspective of Spiritualism, where I see proof of a ‘Creator’ or ‘Spirit’ in every day life. To me, the ordinary is the extra-ordinary and proof in itself that something greater exists beyond our physical world 🙂

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