the power of colour, green

The Power of Colour: Green

This is the fifth part in the series on ‘The Power of Colour’ where I share with you my wisdom and knowledge of the influence of colour over our mind, body and soul.

PART ONE: The Power of Colour

PART TWO: The Power of Red

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PART FOUR: The Power of Yellow


Forest, moss, grass, olive, emerald, mint, sage, lime, apple. This mid-range colour sits in the centre of the light spectrum – think of the rainbow colours: red, orange, yellow, GREEN, blue, indigo, violet.

the colour wheel, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

The Colour Whee

GREEN is a secondary colour, which means it is a created by mixing two primary colours: Blue and Yellow. On the COLOUR WHEEL it sits opposite its complimentary colour of RED.


Green Associations

What do you most associate with the colour GREEN?

NATURE. When we think of abundance and life, GREEN most comes to mind.

nature with green trees and plants

Nature is the epitome of GREEN in all its glorious, verdant shades, and not surprising, it is the most balanced of all the colours.

After the fiery shades of RED, ORANGE and YELLOW, GREEN bTraffic light for walking, green light for gorings a sense of harmony and peace, so it is rarely used to grab our attention – unless in its most garish of shades which tend towards the spectrum of YELLOW.

In day to day life, GREEN is used for GO, First Aid and EXIT signs, which confirm further its positive qualities and feeling of safety. We even use the phrase, ‘green light’, to give someone the GO AHEAD.


Green Elements

Being in the centre of the light spectrum, GREEN is neither warm nor cool, it is balanced in every way. With the emotions it instils a sense of peace and calm, so would be useful against anxiety and stress.

In a positive way, GREEN represents love, healing and nurturing, most likely because it is the colour of nature.

the power of colour, love, healing, nurture

The phrase green with envy gives a clue of one of its negative qualities. Along with jealousy and greed, they are the polar opposites to love, healing and nurture.

Relating to the energy field of the body (aura), GREEN is the colour of the Heart Chakra in the centre of the chest.

The HEART Chakra encompasses:

  • unconditional love
  • joy
  • compassion
  • forgiveness
  • acceptance

these positive qualities relate to the self, other people and all of life.

Where there is:

  • judgement
  • criticism
  • jealousy
  • hate
  • prejudice

GREEN would be the colour to use to balance the negative traits.

One of the biggest health concerns is heart disease, which is no surprise considering most of us are self-critical and don’t have enough love for ourselves. We could all do with a bit more GREEN in our lives – good job we have NATURE!


Using Green

GREEN is one of the more popular colours in home décor, with many muted shades reminding us of open fields, plants and trees. I personally wouldn’t want a room in lime green, but accessories in that vibrant shade would brighten up any living space.

Colour therapy is a great way to bring balance into the energy field of the body, and that includes wearing colour coded clothes. If you want to heal a broken heart, or show some forgiveness towards someone who has hurt you, having GREEN in your life would help.

Understanding the effects of colour can bring us one step closer to a balanced environment, and a calmer mind.

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Love and Peace

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