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“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t, no proof is possible.”

Stuart Chase, writer.

Faith or Fear?

According to research, more than half of those asked believe in life after death. Most religions believe there is something beyond death, and Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs accept the idea of reincarnation.

Belief alone is not enough to make something exist, yet we each hold belief systems devoid of truth. And we follow them regardless of their authenticity, for example, I am not good enough; I don’t deserve love; I am better than you.

We also have belief systems of a Spiritual nature that exist on pure faith – or fear in some cases: God is love; Heaven and Hell exist; the Devil is evil; there is an after-life; reincarnation is real.

Why do half of us not accept the existence of an afterlife? Is it a lack of faith, or simply because there is no physical evidence? Or, is it that we either dismiss or fear anything we don’t understand?

I find it comforting to believe that we don’t just blink out of existence – and we don’t because Physics says so (see below), and if science says it’s true, then it must be!

The existence of life after death must be one of the most contemplated – and debated – questions, but one that no one can confirm or deny. At least, not until death arrives and we get the opportunity to find out!

However, Mediums and Clairvoyants claim to communicate with deceased loved ones in the Spirit world, some communicate with Angels and Spirit Guides, and others claim to have the ability to connect to other realms besides Earth where different Beings exist.


A bit of Science

In 1905 Albert Einstein published a paper that introduced the famous equation e=mc2, which states that anything having mass has an equivalent amount of energy.

Julius Mayer, a German Physicist, published an article in 1942 regarding the Law of Conservation of Energy, which states that in a closed system, energy cannot be created or destroyed. To put it simply, energy changes from one state to another, but never disappears.

I am certain these famous physicists weren’t the first to understand the human body is more than just physical mass, but they were the first to have their findings widely published.

Humans have occupied planet Earth in one form or another for millions of years, and some, or many, must have contemplated if there is anything beyond death.

Personal Experience

Most of us believe in something we have had first-hand experience of, which is why it is difficult to prove that life continues after physical death. Some of us will believe in something if it has come through second or third-hand experience, if the person who had the first-hand experience is trustworthy.

I don’t want to try to convince you of life after death, but I would like to share with you my first-hand experience. Don’t worry though, I haven’t died and come back from the dead! But I do perceive more of life than most.

Everything is  Energy

Albert Einstein states, anything of mass also has energy, which means everything in the Physical world is energy.

What about the dimensions we can’t see, or hear, or touch? The fourth dimension, for example, we can’t see or touch that, and it does not have physical mass, yet it still exists.

Are there other dimensions that could be perceived energetically but not physically?

It is possible.

Okay, my story. I have an extreme sensitivity to energy which allows me to perceive the energy field of everything physical. I can also perceive things that aren’t physical, for example, changes in the weather, Earth energies and disasters (volcanoes etc.), the Elements (water, fire), and anything that would come under the category super-natural.

If labels help to understand, you could refer to me as a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Empath and Medium. This sensitivity produces physical symptoms which I cannot ignore, and it is these physical symptoms that became my proof.

My first encounters with Spirit Beings and Souls of the deceased happened in 2009. Well, I say first, because it was the first time I was aware of their presence, I’m sure I have sensed them my whole life but lacked understanding of what it was.


What convinced me of a Soul’s presence, was the physical sensations my body had every time I was near one. This still happens today. The sensations vary depending upon the type of Spirit Being nearby. There are two distinct sets of symptoms.

The first relates to the Souls trapped on the Earth Realm after the physical body has died, but the Soul has not crossed over to the Spirit Realm – I usually refer to these as lost Souls. Whilst the severity of the symptoms varies greatly – depending on the fears and beliefs of the deceased – they are similar with each Soul. In addition, I sometimes feel pain or discomfort that relates to how the person died.

The common symptoms are: debilitating headache, which is unlike any headache I have experienced before or since – and feels like my brain wants to explode because my head is full of metal (that’s the nearest I can explain it!); sudden tiredness or energy drain (sometimes so extreme I have almost collapsed); and heaviness, as though my limbs are leaden.

These symptoms happen every time, but there are additional sensations that occur throughout my body and which vary, they include: nausea; confusion; dizziness; loss of balance; and various pains. I believe these relate to how the person died.

Also, I can be flooded with emotions, of which the person held before their death, such as regret, deep sorrow, fear, anger, shame, etc. It is these deep emotions that stop a Soul from crossing into the light, so their Soul becomes trapped on Earth, but out-of-sync with the third dimension.

In contrast, if a Spirit Being visits from the Spirit Realm – this can be a deceased loved one that has crossed into the light, or a Guide, or Angel – the sensations in my physical body are quite different, and usually very pleasant.

In most cases, the first sensation I detect is a heartbeat, stronger than my own – like an echo – which sometimes beats in time with my own but not always. If the Being is close to me (part of my Spirit family), or has only recently crossed into the light, the sensation can be intense.

In addition, I have a surge of tingles through my body that sometimes produce goose-bumps, followed by a rush of warmth and feelings of love and joy that radiate through my chest. Usually, I end up crying from the deep love I sense.

Physical sensations aren’t the only clues when I receive a visit, I sometimes have flashes of images through my mind, or hear a voice (not my own) in my inner hearing. And at times, a scent wafts into my nostrils, usually one that is out of place for my surroundings.

Belief or Illusion?

Does the mind create the sensations because the need to believe in something else is so great?

I don’t believe it does, at least, not for me. When I first experienced these symptoms, I had no desire at the time for visitations – the truth is, I was a little scared about the whole thing – and it was some time before I understood what they were. But also, I never asked for proof, because I already believed.

This brings me back to Stuart Chase’s quote: For those who believe, no proof is necessary . . . yet proof is often given.

If the mind is open, there are no barriers in place to perceive what lies beyond the obvious, but if the mind is closed, it creates limitation and restriction, and the possibilities remain unseen.

We are all Beings of energy, and we each have a sixth sense, which means we can all perceive things that we cannot see, hear, taste, touch, or smell physically. If you wish to develop your sixth sense, to see what else lies beyond the veil, a willingness to remain open to possibility is all you need to begin.

I would love to hear of your experiences, or your opinions on whether you believe there is life after physical death. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Love and Peace


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