The Power of Colour: Yellow

This is the fourth part in the series on ‘The Power of Colour’ where I share with you my wisdom and knowledge of the influence of colour over our mind body and soul.

PART ONE: The Power of Colour





Lemon, Sunshine, Mustard, Golden, Canary, Custard, Blonde, Butter , Corn . . .

There are so many shades, and why is it we associate colours with food? Gosh, it makes me hungry!

the colour wheel, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

The Colour Wheel

Out of all the colours on the Colour Wheel, Yellow is the colour that makes people smile. Why? Because it makes us think of Sunshine, and Sunshine makes people smile (although not everyone!).

As with Red and Blue, Yellow is a Primary colour, which means it cannot be created from another colour – like orange is made from mixing red and yellow.

Yellow Associations

So, apart from Sunshine, what else do we associate Yellow with? yellow sign for toxic hazard

Yellow often warns of caution. Look at the Toxic Hazard sign. Bright Yellow! Yellow is the background for many other warning signs: STOP, CAUTION or ATTENTION. The Amber traffic light warns of CAUTION also.

In the Animal Kingdom, if an insect has yellow on its body, it usually meaanimal kingdom, yellow bird, joyns it is toxic if eaten, or dangerous if attacked. But Birds with YELLOW feathers are a joy to see. Thank goodness it’s not all bad.

In Nature, it is the most common colour of flowers. And many fruits and vegetables are one shade of yellow or another: corn (including maize) and banana are two of the highest yielding food crops in the world.

Yellow Elements

As with RED & ORANGE,YELLOW is a colour associated with fire. We only have to think of how we perceive Sunlight (even though the Sun is not really yellow!), so we associate YELLOW with WARMTH.

Other associations of YELLOW are the mind and intellect, as well as certain emotions: yellow-bellied refers to cowardice and fear, and the opposite of that is empowerment and strength.

In a person’s aura, yellow represents:

  • wisdom and intellect
  • thoughts and ideas
  • joy
  • power and control
  • confidence
  • will.

the power of yellow, wisdom, joy, will

The Solar Plexus Chakra (below the ribs and above the navel) is the power centre of the body. It is our very own sunshine that radiates energy throughout the body’s electro-magnetic field. The word ‘Solar’ means ‘SUN’.

This is the area where self-esteem and self-confidence issues create an imbalance. As does the need to control and dominate.

If you have gut problems in your upper abdomen, stomach, or liver, you may have issues with your personal power. Are other people manipulating or taking advantage of you? Or, are you the manipulator who likes to control everything and everyone?

An attraction, or aversion to YELLOW is telling of who you are, and where your imbalances lie.

Using Yellow

Whilst YELLOW is bright as sunshine and instills joy, I would use it with care in its brightest hue. Some  shades of pale yellow and darker yellow suit certain rooms. But, bright yellow walls?  I advise caution, lest it send you spiralling out of balance.

If you must have yellow around you, why not pair it with its complimentary colour – its opposite on the Colour wheel – purple, to offset the imbalance? With the right shades it can represent Summer flowers in a meadow.

Colour therapy is a great way to bring balance to the energy field of the body. YELLOW therapy can help to balance: weak will; lack of confidence; low self esteem; easily influenced or manipulated; fearful; depressed; angry; creative block; mind fog.

You could wear a yellow accessory, or even bring a little yellow into your furnishings, but if you live with someone who is domineering, YELLOW is the last colour that person needs.

Understanding the effects of colour can bring us one step closer to a balanced environment, and a calmer mind.

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Love and Peace


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