rain drops splashing on puddle of water

A Poem: It’s Raining

With all the rain and snow the UK has seen over the past few months, the ground is pretty saturated. But it’s all good! We wouldn’t have such lush green countryside if we didn’t have so much rain.

I wrote a poem a few years ago in tribute to this wonderful weather to negate some of the negative energy created by all the moaners and complainers. We have plenty of them in the UK – people who are never happy no matter what the weather does. You know who you are!

I love the rain, and I adore going out for walks in the rain, I find it cleanses the soul – unless it’s bloody cold and really windy, then I’ll pass, thanks.

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It’s Raining

It’s been raining like this now for over a week,

I’ve looked at the forecast, it seems very bleak.

The river has flooded, the stream is a beck,

The leaves look so soggy, the flowers a wreck.

I hear people moan, ‘when will the rain end?’

They just cannot see that water’s our friend;

We need it to live, without it we die;

The plants will wither, the rivers go dry.

No food or drink: have you thought about that?

STOP MOANING and put on your wellies and hat!


I stand at the window and look to the sky

And watch the raindrops cascade from up high.

To think of the water suspended mid-air

Fills me wonder and awe as I stare.

Rainfall gets heavy, bounces up off the ground,

It lashes the window – an incredible sound!

The rain hits the road and creates lots of spray,

I’m glad I’m not driving in this lot today!

The dark heavy cloud is now moving along,

The rain becomes lighter, the downpour has gone.


The slugs and the snails have begun to emerge,

Worms wriggle and slither on the grass verge;

The birds, big and small, will wake up and come out

To have a good look at what food is about.

I put on my coat and walk in the rain,

It gurgles and swirls around in the drain.

I step in a puddle; it’s gone in my shoes,

I squelch, and I squish; my feet are wet through!

I have fun and laughter from splashing about;

I don’t care if I’m wet, as my clothes will dry out.


A gap in the clouds lets the sunbeams shine through,

A rainbow is forming, no wait, there are two!

What good luck to see such a positive sign,

The rain and the sun in the sky all combine.

There are many blessings that rainfall can bring,

It makes the birds happy, they chirp and they sing.

It waters the plants, so they flower and fruit,

It wakes up the seeds and they put down strong roots.

So next time it rains throw your brollie away,

Put your coat on, your wellies, have fun and go play!

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Love and peace. 🙂

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