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The Power of Colour: Orange

This is the third part in the series on ‘The Power of Colour’ where I share with you my wisdom and knowledge of the influence of colour over our mind, body and soul.

PART ONE: The Power of Colour

PART TWO: The Power of Red

PART FOUR: The Power of Yellow

PART FIVE: The Power of Green


Orange sits at the long-wave end of the spectrum, in between RED & YELLOW. Both a

the colour wheel, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

The Colour Wheel

colour and the name for a fruit, Orange is a mix of the Earthy raw power of Red with the Sunshine vibrancy of Yellow. Where Red, Blue and Yellow are all Primary colours, Orange is a Secondary colour which means it exists through the mixing of two Primary colours: Red and Yellow.


The complimentary colour (its opposite colour on the Colour Wheel, see image below) to Orange is BLUE. It provides a striking contrast when used in the right way. Think of the red-orange ground of the outback in Australia set against the expanse of the blue sky. Nature knows how to work with colours!


Orange Associations

Orange comes in many shades and hues, ranging from Terracotta to Salmon,  Apricot to Tangerine (all this talk of food is making me hungry!) and many more besides.

It is a colour capable of attracting attention, and is often used for this purpose in advertising. Some big name companies have their main colour as Orange. (Including a well-known telecommunications company by the same name as the colour!)

pleasure and creativity with orange

Orange Elements

Orange can be fiery and earthy, and remind us of Autumn all in one go; it is warm and snuggly, as well as a colour of action.

Orange appeals to our senses more than any other colour, whether or not we like the colour. It is the colour that relates to the pleasure centre in the body: the Sacral Chakra, found just below the navel.

As with the Base & Solar Plexus Chakras, the Sacral is a centre where we store our emotions. It is the pleasure centre of the body that relates to our five physical senses, and it is where creativity is born.

Areas of life that relate to a blocked or unbalanced Sacral Chakra include:

  • problems with conceiving a child;
  • receiving abundance;
  • having enough money;
  • unbalanced relationships where there is too much giving, especially out of guilt;
  • over-indulgence of the senses (who doesn’t like chocolate, right?);
  • unhealthy habits and addictions;
  • creative block.

If you have one or more of these challenges, you would benefit from an emotional clear-out!

Using Orange

This exciting colour covers several different aspects of the Self, in particular: the emotions. Emotional eating, mood swings, stress and depression are traced back to the Sacral Chakra and the gut.Australian outback, orange desert, blue sky

When using this colour around the home, it needs to be used in the correct way to ensure benefit from its healing vibrations. Think back to my mention of Oz, and take a few tips from Mother Nature.

Blending the right shade of blue with a variation of Orange provides the contrast of warm with cool, fire with water, action with waiting, giving with receiving.

These opposite colours can bring balance into any living environment.

If you want to balance the energy field of the body and help clear out your Sacral Chakra, wear an Orange accessory. Every time you look at the colour it will shift your energy field a little bit.

Understanding the effects of colour can bring us one step closer to a balanced environment, and a calmer mind.

If you use it in the home, you could check out Feng Shui to get some tips and advice on where best to place it to optimise the energy flowing through your home.

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Love and Peace.

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