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Good Vibrations – the Law of Attraction

What is vibration?

Through Physics we understand that everything is energy, even dense, solid matter resonates to a frequency.

Every thought is a vibration of energy. Every feeling that shudders or warms our body; each emotion whether it flows, flees, gets stuck or consumes, vibrates through our heart and mind.

The words we speak in truth, deceit, anger, in jest, or seriousness each have the strength to harm or heal from the energy they emit.

Each action carries within it an unseen force.

Everything we do has the power to harm, or heal.

The vibrations in our energy field reflect who we are, what we do, what we think and feel. We are beacons that emit signals to other beacons, each seeking another similar vibration. Someone or something we can resonate with or learn from.

The Law of Attraction

If people complain, get angry, or hateful, their energy vibrates at a slower, denser frequency. Consequently, they attract experiences, events and people who also vibrate at a similar slower, denser frequency.

This is the Law of Attraction.

We are magnets. Like attracts like.

Angry thoughts and angered behaviour attracts situations that create more anger. Whereas, positive thoughts, such as, optimism and joy attract positive experiences that create more joy.

Who wants more joy?

Me, I do!

It’s a simple concept. If you want more joy, focus on doing things that bring fun and smiles.

If you want your life to have meaning and less negativity, commit to yourself to move out of ‘victim’ mode and take responsibility for your life.

Sometimes, it takes a while to be ready for such a committment. Sometimes, it takes a while to realise you have the power to shift from negativity to positivity.

And it takes effort and persistence to bring lasting positivity where there has been negativity.

But if you put in the effort, the rewards are beyond what you can imagine.

There is another aspect to the Law of Attraction that plays a vital part in its success, and that is: Destiny.

Everything happens when and how Destiny plans it

What is Destiny?

In every moment of every day, a plan is at work. In your life, in my life, in the lives of everyone and everything. Your Soul knows this plan, even if you don’t.

Your Soul agreed to this plan before your birth. Your Soul knows what it needs to do to grow and evolve. It knows who it needs to meet that will help it achieve its Destiny. It knows what frequency it needs to vibrate at to attract the right circumstances at the right time.

Your Soul knows how to use the LAW of ATTRACTION

When I think about how intricate the design of life is, for each of us to attract and repel exactly what we need in every moment, I am in awe.

Life is both amazing and challenging, full of love and suffering. But when it goes well we soon forget the depth of pain we once knew.

If you want to understand more about your Destiny, take a look at this page which explains how I use my abilities to help people, and fulfil my own destiny.

I’d love to hear about your experiences of how you shifted from negativity to positivity, why not leave a comment below?

Love and peace


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