Good Vibrations

Through Physics we understand that everything is energy, even dense, solid matter resonates a frequency.

Every single thought is a vibration of energy, every feeling that shudders or warms our body, each emotion whether fleeting, fleeing, stuck or consuming vibrates through our hearts and mind. The words we speak, whether in truth, deceit, in jest, or seriousness, have the strength to harm or heal from their energy. And behind every action is a force unseen.

What we have in our lives, who we have in our lives, what we do with our lives is a reflection of our energy. We are like beacons emitting signals to other beacons, searching for what echoes our own unique signal, for better, or worse.

When people complain about the way their life is, the hard luck they have, and anything else that irritates, angers or causes hate, their energy vibrates at a much slower, lower rate attracting experiences, events and people who also vibrate at a similar slower, lower frequency.

This is what the Law of Attraction is all about. We are like magnets. Like attracts like. In the same way that angry thoughts and feelings attract situations that will create more anger, positive thoughts, optimism and joy attract positive experiences that create more joy.

It seems such a simple concept, but is it really?

Yes. It is, if you are ready. It is, if you want change. It is, if you want to move out of ‘victim’ mode and take responsibility for your life. It is, if you want your life to be full of abundance instead of emptiness.

Sometimes, it can take a while to be ready. It can take a while to see that the mess you are in is your own doing. And it takes effort and persistence to make it work but the rewards are beyond what you can imagine.

There is another aspect to the Law of Attraction that, I believe, plays a vital part in its success, and that is Destiny.

In every moment of every day, there is a plan at work in your life. a plan that your Soul knows. A plan that was agreed to before you were born. You Soul knows what it needs to evolve and grow. It knows who it needs to meet that will help it to achieve its destiny. It knows what frequency it needs to vibrate at to attract the right circumstances at the right time.

When I think about how intricate the design of life must be for each of us to attract and repel exactly what we need in every moment, I am in awe.

Life is amazing, and as hard as it can get at times, when it’s going well we soon forget the depth of pain we once knew.

If you want to understand more about your destiny, you can take a look at this page which explains how I use my abilities to help people, and fulfil my own destiny.

Love and peace



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