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Why do we judge and criticise?

Human Beings are complicated creatures, aren’t we?

Our moods can change faster than the British weather. Every day we have thousands of thoughts – according to research (I’d like to know who had to count them!) – many of which we are consciously unaware of.

And depending upon what our family background is, which culture we have grown up in, how much influence from the media we receive, and a boat-load of other variables, we each have a unique perception of the world.

Some of us live by logic and reason. Where everything must be explained by rational thought and facts, otherwise it can’t be real.

Some of us are held captive by uncontrollable thoughts, lost in an inner world of torment and confusion, constantly fearing the worse.

Some of us don’t trust our thoughts, and believe they belong to somebody else . . . or something else.

Some of us have gained controlled of our mind and use it to manifest the reality we want, understanding the mind is a tool to be used for good. Or harm in some cases.

There are many different types of Human Beings that inhabit the Earth, but we all share this common experience: I think, therefore I feel.

A person’s background can affect everything they think, feel or do

Feelings and emotions. What’s the difference?

Feelings are an inner state of Being that can last a few seconds or many years. For example, depression, contentment, loneliness, gratitude, are but a few.

Emotions are a passing reaction to an external event and sometimes cause a  physical reaction. They are Energy in Motion (e-motion), for example, tears from sorrow or laughter, trembling with fear, hot with rage, on a rampage of hate.

Usually, emotions don’t last all that long. They pass through the body. Or at least, they are supposed to. But some of us hold onto them, and a passing reaction becomes a long-term state of Being.

How many of us hold onto our emotions so tight it leads to an outburst every now and again? Or, try to control how we feel, and appear to others as reserved, unemotional or cold?

How many of us feel balanced? Or, pretend we are balanced?

How many of us become lost in an ocean of feeling, overwhelmed and unable cope?

There’s no right or wrong way to be a Human. To experience life.  To react.

There’s no rule book that says this way is right and that way is wrong. Yet, many of us criticise the actions of someone else, blind to the understanding that a person’s background can affect everything they think, feel, or do.

Criticism is anger at the Self projected onto someone else. Anger for not thinking or feeling the way we think we should.

As I said, there’s no right or wrong. We are all made differently, each a unique version of a Human Being. Yet we are similar in so many ways: we all think and we all feel.

None of us are perfect, although I know some who would say they are!

It is my belief that we are perfect in an imperfect way.

And whether we choose to live in our feelings and let them flow freely uncensored, or whether we choose to keep a constant check upon them and keep them tightly bottled up – or anything in between – there’s one thing that’s certain: we could all use a little more compassion for ourselves and for one another.

Instead of judging, why not try hugging!

Love and Peace


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