The Power of Colour: Red

This is the second part in the series on ‘The Power of Colour’ where I share with you my wisdom and knowledge of the influence of colour over our mind, body and soul. Read part one HERE.


Carmine, crimson, ruby, scarlet, vermillion, maroon, burgundy. There are many shades and tones and each have their own unique vibration, but all pertain to the long-wave end of the spectrum of light.


Red Associations

Red is probably the one colour that most people could find an association with in everyday life, more easily than any other. It is often used to draw our attention to something, for example, on the roads and highways it is the colour used for STOP, and it is used as a border for many traffic warning signs, so it instinctively warns of possible danger.

In the UK, it is the colour of fire engines, old telephone boxes and mail boxes. It stands out no matter how or where it is used. In other aspects of life, and more positively, it is the colour most associated with Christmas because Santa Claus wears a red suit. However, there are many different aspects to the colour red.

Red Elements

Red brings feelings of warmth, and the element associated with red is fire. The thoughts, feelings and emotions that have heat or fire at their core are: passion; action; energy; drive; enthusiasm. And their opposites: anger and rage (think of the phrase, ‘seeing red’); insecurity; destruction. advert

Red is the colour most associated with raw power and can activate strength and leadership qualities. People take notice of the colour red.

Relating to the energy field of the body, red is the colour of the Base Chakra at the bottom of the spine, also known as the Root Chakra. So, it is here that we would first experience an imbalance if we were to carry around feelings of anger or inappropriate passion, or if we had too much drive and enthusiasm which led us to become a workaholic that craved money and financial security.

The Base Chakra also connects to the roots of who we are as individuals, how secure and empowered we feel within ourselves and how we experienced childhood. Any issues or traumas in childhood that have scarred our psyche will create an imbalance in this energy centre and if left unbalanced will eventually result in health problems relating to the Base Chakra, such as, lower back or hip problems.

Using Red

Red within the home is best used with caution. If a person filled with anger and resentment were to spend a lot of time in a red room, those heated emotions would probably boil over and erupt far more frequently than if they were in a blue or green room. On the colour wheel green is the complimentary colour of red and so green can be used to calm an over active Root Chakra.  colour wheel

Conversely, for someone who was deeply insecure, red would be beneficial.

Out of all of the colours, red is the one you would use if you wanted to increase activity, strength or take the lead. It can instil a sense of self belief and confidence.

The energy field of the body can be balanced through the use of colour. So if you find that you are attracted to or repelled by red, it may well be that your Base Chakra is blocked or unbalanced.

Wearing red clothes, or accessories, or using red for home furnishings is a great way to expose yourself to the heavy vibrations of this long-wave colour.

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Love and peace.



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