number nine etched into a tree, nature

AUGUST, 2017, and Number 9

Crikey, there are some powerful energies blasting us all this month! We have the Lionsgate Portal open from 26th July 2017 until 12th August 2017, the Lunar eclipse on 7th August 2017 and the total Solar eclipse on 21st August 2017. That’s a big sea of change that’s sweeping through our lives and clearing things out.

2017, being a ONE energy (in Numerology) is all about New Beginnings, and this month of August, which is a NINE cycle, in Numerology, is all about ENDINGS.

Whatever has been brewing within our lives over the last seven months, will likely reach a potent point of change this month.

Whether it is negative emotions, destructive behaviours, limiting beliefs, out dated thought patterns, or toxic relationships, we are being shoved with a powerful force to get rid of what is no longer good for us, so that we can make the most of the ONE cycle of 2017.

This NINE month allows us the opportunity to see what does not work so we can get rid of it.

If we attach our emotions to this release and move forward in a state of fear and panic, then we will likely create suffering for ourselves.

On the hand, if we are able to detach from the drama and see the endings for what they really are: A NEW OPPORTUNITY, then we can gain wisdom, and not have to repeat the lesson again.

NINE maybe calling us to release people in our lives that hold us back, but it will also allow us the opportunity to develop stronger bonds with those that support our growth.

If work no longer WORKS, walk away, say goodbye. Step through the doors that open right in front of you to move onto something better.

Cleanse your mind, your emotions, your home, your body. Cleanse it all and clear out the crap so the new can come in.

We are all in a wonderful position now to shift our perspective into a more positive mind-set, one that will promote our health, well-being and Spiritual growth.


First Names Beginning with I, R

Names that begin with the letter I and R, are independent and idealistic. I likes to stand firm in its beliefs and may stand up for those less fortunate. likes to become actively involved in helping others, but may need to slow the pace a little.

House Numbers

Houses with the vibration of 9 (9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90 etc) offer the opportunity to deepen the love connection on a humanitarian level. They will also advocate plenty of change with the ending of anything that is not meant for the future. Living at a 9 house will assist in developing qualities such as compassion, understanding, and provide valuable experiences where wisdom can be gained.

Thanks for reading!

Love and Peace.

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