JULY & Number 8

We kick off July with a bowlful of energy. Numerologically July is an EIGHT cycle (the seventh month: 7+ 2+0+1+7=8), and EIGHT is active and full of stamina, so my first piece of advice is: make sure you get enough REST. The desire to be active and DO, DO, DO will be strong this month, particularly after the previous month of rest and recuperation.

When we take a look at the digit of EIGHT: 8, we can see the infinity symbol on its side. This provides important clues for how EIGHT will influence our lives.

EIGHT has a strong KARMIC influence, where we will see the results of the energies we have thrown into the past few months. We are all CREATORS and EIGHT allows us to create our reality.

Have you given out positive vibes? Or have you sent negativity into the Universe?

Whatever you have given, you will receive back. This month we will see the results of past actions, so we all have the potential to experience success or failure.

EIGHT is strongly associated with the material, physical world, so anything in connection to this can feature, for example, physical relationships, work, outdoor pursuits, money. So, expect that Karmic influence to visit any or all of these areas and provide you with a return on your Karmic investment.

The positive inclinations of the EIGHT cycle are: Success, energy, abundance, ambition. Whatever you set out to do this month, with focus and determination, you can succeed, although be mindful of not being too ruthless along the way.


House Numbers

Living at a house that vibrates to the number EIGHT, (8, 17, 26, 35, 44, 53, 62, 71, 80, etc), you will likely have plenty of energy during your stay. Whatever you set out to do you can find success in your ventures. Ambition, independence and determination will be your strengths to help you along the way.


First Name Letters

First names beginning with the letters H, Q, Z (a couple of less common letters there!) will like independence, leadership roles and strive for success. is grounded, enjoys nature and creating. Q requires more than just a physical connection with life. is often inspired by intuition and spirituality.


Enjoy this powerful energy of creation for JULY.

Love and Peace



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