June and Number 7

Moving through the last few days of May my body manifested an injury that has left me immobile and in excruciating pain (hence the delayed post). I had to chuckle at the timing of it.

I mentioned last month – which was a SIX cycle in Numerology ( May is the fifth month, so 5+2+0+1+7=6) – about how SIX asks us to take responsibility for ourselves, our health in particular.

And we have now moved into the next cycle of SEVEN (June is sixth month, so 6+2+0+1+7=7) which provides the perfect opportunity for us to find our place in the world and to discover who we are and why we maybe suffering in some way.

We all inflict suffering upon ourselves through our thoughts. Either we become lost in the past, or we disappear into the future, or we become trapped in a whirlpool of negative self talk. We all do it, it’s Human nature.

So the cycle of SEVEN has arrived which gives us the opportunity to delve into our mental realm to discover what’s going on within.

When I think of the influence of SEVEN, many words come to mind that begin with the letter R (don’t ask me why, I don’t know!).

This month is all about taking time out for Relaxation and Rest, finding some quiet time for Reflection, as well as allowing space for Recovery and Recuperation.

SEVEN  asks us to look within, discover what makes us tick and be willing to face hidden aspects so we can release them to the light for healing.

During the SEVEN cycle it is not a time to be pushing forward, and if we do so and go against the natural flow, we may find that we encounter a brick wall.

SEVEN is a number that represents physical completion, if we think of the WEEK, there are SEVEN days, where usually we rest upon the SEVENTH day, so this month is our SEVENTH day.

JUNE is the month for the Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere it is the longest day which allows for transformation within the light, where truth, purity and clarity will lead the way. Whereas, in the Southern Hemisphere, the Solstice is celebrated for the longest night, and this brings the opportunity for transformation by facing the darkness within.

Taking a look at the digit of 7we see two straight lines. The vertical represents the SELF, and the horizontal represents the MENTAL plane, this is a good indicator of its significance in our lives. It is something to be aware of: during this SEVEN month, as we may find we are caught up within the world of thought. So take care when doing something physical that requires focus (such as driving), and that you are not off with the Fairies in your imagination (or the Goblins or Trolls for that matter!).

A lot can be gained from this month, although the lessons that SEVEN delivers can sometimes be quite testing. If so, remember to focus on what you can gain from the experience.


Letters G, P, Y

First names beginning with G, P, Y will have an inclination towards the use of the mind in some way, usually deep thinkers and may prefer independance. G, can be productive and creative when the energy is chanelled correctly. P may have a tendancy towards intellectual pursuits, and needs freedom, most likely to assess the frequent choices that are required (see how the letter Y has a fork).

Providing these letters are given their space they can achieve a great deal.

House Numbers

If you live at a house pertaining to the influence of SEVEN (7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52, 61, 70, 79 etc.) you will find the need to withdraw from the world to find who you are and why you are here. A spiritual tendancy may awaken if not already experienced where you may find the need to search for answers to big questions.


If you have enjoyed my posts on NUMEROLOGY and how it influences our lives, and would like to find out how NUMBERS influence you on an individual basis, why not have a SOUL READING.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace 🙂


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