Use Your Power to Heal Yourself

We live in a society where we have become used to giving away our power, and not realising it. We do it every day. We give our power to those that run the country. And the world. And who’s to say they are any more capable than you or I?

We visit the doctors and the dentist and give our power to them, in the hope of a quick fix, rather than take responsibility for our own health by making positive changes from within.

The Human body is a magnificent living organism that is fully capable of healing itself naturally when it is given the right conditions. Except most of us don’t want to give it the right conditions.

The result? Ill health.

Suffering and pain usually leads us to the doctors, or dentist in the hope that the person we tell our problems to can make them go away. A pill or two later, the symptom goes a way – if we are lucky – but how long does it take until the body produces more symptoms because we ignored it the first time around?

We can each make a difference to our health, ourselves. That’s you and me. But only if we want to.

We each have the power to heal.

We each have the power to take responsibility for our own lives

and make a difference.

I’m not here to tell you to stop going to the doctors or the dentist. They are healers who desire to help people. But they are not miracle workers, and modern medicine is not a miracle cure.

WE, as individuals, are miracle workers, WE can create miracles in our lives because we have the power to do that. If we want to.

I have suffered with ill-health for over two years (since 2015), and I have spent many hours contemplating the reasons for my suffering so that I can find a way to heal.

My healing journey is moving in the right direction, and I have encountered many valuable lessons along the way. I have also, at times, visited holistic practitioners to assist in the cleansing of negative energy, and this I recommend.

I have severe dental issues. And after being in a place of fear and anxiety for a while, I finally had a wake up call and found the light. I decided to take responsibility for my health, and my first step was to embrace the belief that I CAN AND WILL HEAL. From that moment on, positive feelings flooded into my life along with a knowing that I will succeed.

So, next time you feel ill, by all means visit a health practitioner, but also be open to making positive changes in your life that will result in positive outcomes.

All healing starts within the mind.

Change your thoughts and the body will follow.

Take back your power.  Rather than taking a pill to cover up the symptoms so you can forget about them, take a moment and ask your body what it needs to heal.

The body sends us messages all the time to warn us of imbalances. Only when we refuse to listen, does dis-ease manifest.

We have the power to heal ourselves naturally, and we have the power to be happy and free.

Own your power and believe in yourself!


Love and peace

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