a large spiral with many smaller spirals and going round in a circle, infinite

Do You Go Round in Circles?

Doesn’t it sometimes feel as though life is leading you round in circles?

Do you encounter a situation that seems familiar and you think, “Hang on a minute, haven’t I already dealt with this?”

Well, maybe you have already dealt with it, but the truth is, maybe you missed something the first time around.

Often when we re-visit what appears to be the same situation, it’s because we need to gain a different perspective to what we had previously.

We never just go round in circles, what we do is follow a spiral. A spiral that leads up and up to an infinite point.

As Human Beings and as Spiritual Beings, we never stop moving forward and we never stop evolving. This means we are always learning.

Whilst we re-visit an experience again and again, it won’t be the same every time. Each encounter we have in life, we bring to the experience the advantage of past insight.

We use the wisdom we have gained to shed a little Light on the matter, which gives us the opportunity to see more clearly. And maybe we will see something that we did not see before.

So, remember the Spiral. Yes, it does go round and round and round and round, but it also moves upwards towards a higher point. A higher perspective.

By living every day in the present moment there will always be the opportunity to evolve and reach the next level. Keep going, and look for what you didn’t see before.


Love and peace

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