a heart in the sun light, warmth, truth

What’s Your Story?

What story do you tell yourself about who you are and what you do?

Most of us have been moulded into shape by old traditions, out of date beliefs, false perceptions and unreasonable expectations. A torrid mixing pot of lies and illusions that hinder personal expansion and block the truth. It’s no ones fault, it’s just the way it is. But you have the power to change.

Do you see yourself through tainted eyes, a reflection of your past, or do you see what others see?

The mirror shows the truth. But if you cannot or don’t want to see clearly, the truth lays out of reach, and its whispers of freedom become lost. If you are afraid to look at the real you, the light of truth remains obscured by shadows of doubt.

How much is your perception coloured by someone else’s twisted judgement? Or from a punishing world that seeks to destroy?

Do you believe the false projections that others try to force upon you, or do you understand they come from a place of fear and pain, and recognise their cry for help?

If brainwashed repeatedly by cruel words and unworthy opinions, our perception of the world becomes twisted and fake. We believe the lies and fail to see the world with love, and true beauty becomes lost in addiction and materialism.

Do you tell yourself lies, get lost in illusion, or refuse to awake from the dream world you paint?

Our beliefs, principles and even morals can become cast in stone and stuck in time if we hide in the shadows away from the light. Or, they can transform and change to reflect our changing inner world as we break free from that which seeks to restrain, or, repress us.

Do you stand  in front of the mirror of life yet see nothing but lack and loss?

If we believe the sad stories that others tell, of woe, poverty, grief and despair, these stories can become our own. We each have the power to choose whether to own them, or let them go as a false tale that has no substance.

Good health is a product of our past actions. Money is an energy like everything else that shifts and moves to where it is attracted to. Positive thinking is a blessing that can be gained through practice and faith. With all of these, we have the power to change, accept or surrender to.

Does love and joy fill your mind as you bask in the glory of being you?

When the jackpot prize of self-care and nurturing has been won, we receive the opportunity to embark down a new path to discover the truth and recover from the past.

We see the lies others told us, and the lies we told ourselves. But now we know we are free and will no longer return to what and who we once were.

The past becomes a distant memory washed away by the cleansing waves of time. And we are no longer afraid to be true to ourselves and shine our light.

Can you see the truth that’s trapped inside? The truth that you were afraid to see before.

In a world that has been consumed by darkness for many years, it can be easy to follow the same path as everyone else. If we allow our shadows to lead the way, we will never see the light that creates them.

A shadow would not exist without light, so turn around and see yourself shine.

Do you hear the loving whisper that guides and comforts? Or does doubt and confusion ring loud in your mind as it drowns the feelings that flow through your soul?

Many of us live within the negative rantings of the ego mind and worse still, we believe the lies it tells. The purpose of our ego is to lead us away from the light of truth, but in doing so, it gives us a choice: do we follow or not?

Maybe we are fooled by the fear-driven deception of the ego but by setting the intention to listen to our heart, we open a door to a better path.

A journey begins; a new life that will lead us back to the light within our heart.

To make a decision, ask yourself: ‘Which choice makes my heart feel warm?

Love and peace

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