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MARCH 2017 and Number Four

Number FOUR

Welcome to March 2017!

This month we celebrate the equinox as Mother Earth moves into a time of equal light and dark. This brings the opportunity to balance our inner light and dark, so we can release what no longer works for us.

The Solar eclipse of March 2017 heralds big changes on a planetary and personal basis that will affect our lives over the next few months. And the opportunity to clear out the old and welcome the new and exciting.

Under the influence ONE, 2017 is a year of change. ONE brings new opportunities, fresh starts, the need for independence, and focus on the self. How this will manifest in our lives will depend on our individual Numerology.

March is a FOUR month (2+0+1+7+3=13, 1+3=4), and FOUR relates to matters of the Physicalthe number four in eart, ground with wood, branches realm, such as, work, health, physical relationships, land and home.

FOUR asks us to get organised and be practical. Where the energy of February focused upon the mind, during March we need to stay grounded in our physical reality, and we can do this by connecting with Nature.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we bound towards Spring and more daylight as Mother Nature bursts into life with the pleasing sight of new growth. Here we are reminded to go ahead and take action.

While in the Southern Hemisphere, the land prepares to slow down and take a needed break. Both of these attributes are significant under the vibration of FOUR: It’s about balancing action with rest.

Any ideas we may have contemplated over the previous couple of months can now be extricated from the mind and born into physical reality. This could be a change at work, a new job, relocation, or even a new home.

FOUR asks us to lay the foundations of our plans, and to remain realistic with expectations. We will benefit from using logic and reason, and what may have eluded our vision previously, can now be seen more clearly. Like looking through a window.

Typically, a window has FOUR sides and as we look through the glass, we see with clarity what is on the other side. Illusions are shattered and truth becomes clear.

This month you may be called to improve upon your health or physical fitness, as FOUR rules the Physical realm, which includes the body. With the strong focus upon the self, through this year’s powerful energy of ONEthis month we may actively lean towards doing what is best for our well-being.


If your name begins with D, M, or V, you are likely a strong earthy type of person who is usually grounded. You prefer to see things logically rather than through your feelings and may have a tendency towards being a little too interested in the material world.

Notice how each of these letters has a long straight line, this confirms the grounding quality of these letters. Each one can be a little stubborn at times, often becoming stuck in old belief systems.

D, is a practical hard worker that may become more stuck than the other two. M, can often have a split personality and mood swings, while being more strong-willed than D. V, is the most powerful letter of the alphabet, as it resonates to the energy of TWENTY TWO, which signifies the master achiever. This strong vibration can deliver profound changes in the physical realm but may also cause nervous tension due to its power.


If you live in a house which vibrates to the number FOUR (4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 58, 67, 76, 85, 94, etc) you will have the opportunity to organise your life and implement changes in the physical realm. Your life will be practical and strongly based upon material matters. The numbers 13,22 and 40, each hold a powerful energy that can bring more profound opportunities than the other vibrations of FOUR. 

Love and peace.

Further information relating to ONE, TWO THREE.

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