locked in a cage, set free

WORDS AND FEELINGS- to harm or heal

Words have no meaning. True or false?

Both true and false.

Words have the power to heal or harm, nurture or destroy. The outcome depends upon the intention behind them.

To tell someone you love them, has no meaning if  the heartfelt emotion of true love is not behind them: They are empty and devoid of power. But to say, “I will love you until death parts us,” a vow spoken with intention at weddings, these words have the power to create a Soul agreement.

When words are charged with emotion, whatever that emotion is, they become turbo-fuelled with energy! They have meaning and create a vow, an agreement, a contract.

A spoken agreement energised with emotion binds the Soul. I don’t mean a legally binding contract, but an agreement that is made on a Soul level.

When words are uttered to another living Being, whether in love or rage, a chord is formed between the two Souls. This chord is invisible at the physical level but can be seen at an energetic level. The chord joins the two Souls together indefinitely until it is broken.

Imagine what it must look like to see all the chords that bind us, splayed out from our bodies. We all have them and they do not only form between people. Anything we desire with heartfelt emotion is likely to be attached to us. For positive or negative.

These binding attachments follow us through every lifetime, until they are broken. They have the power to either drain our life force or energise us. They can infiltrate our thoughts, feelings and actions and affect who we are and how we behave.

Positive vows are not a bad thing, they nourish the Soul by attracting love and good feelings. However, negative vows have the power to cause great suffering and even ruin people’s lives. They drain the energy of the body and weaken the Soul, and they can steal abundance, clarity and peace.

Words spoken in a rage, such as, “I will never forgive you” cause a powerful reactiona heart locked and bound into a padlock like a cage unseen in the physical realm. The bondage created by this rage-charged statement will lock the heart into a cage which acts as a barrier that closes the heart down so it cannot feel love. And the person carries the dark energy of unforgiveness in their body.

Consequently, over time, the physical heart suffers. We are all Spiritual Beings, and in our true state in the Spirit realm all we know is pure love. To deny the heart the energy it needs to flourish and keep us alive physically, may lead to health problems with the  heart.

Withholding forgiveness is unlikely to harm the person that remains unforgiven. Instead, the burden of resentment and anger, weighs down the person who carries the load.

What load do you carry? Have you uttered those words, “I will never forgive you” during a moment of rage? Or, how about, “You will pay for what you’ve done” or, “I hate you, this is your fault.”

Negative words fuelled by emotion slow down our forward motion. They also create a lack of abundance in life, whether this is health, wealth, love or happiness, I’m sure we all have areas in life where we feel we are lacking. Whatever the sad story is – and we all have them – there’s a possibility it is the result of a negative bond, or Soul agreement.

So, what’s the purpose of the agreement? Why would anyone do something to harm themselves in this way? The same reason that anyone does anything. We are all here on Earth to learn. The Soul’s Purpose is to gain wisdom, to grow and evolve. When we are not learning, we are not moving forward. If we are not moving forward, we come to a stop. When we stop, the body dies.

By being aware of the agreements, or bonds, that you may have attached to your Soul, it allows you the opportunity to release yourself and find peace. Once you acknowledge that a bond has been formed, you can ask the Angels or your Spirit Guides to free you from the chains that have you held captive for too long.

For more information on Soul agreements see HERE.

Thanks for reading, what attachments do you have?


Love and Peace

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