LACK OF ABUNDANCE – the real cause


When life has served a healthy dose of low self-worth, self-confidence weakens along with a lack of trust; insecurities and beliefs of ‘not having enough’ add a weight which is difficult to bear. It’s as though an invisible bag of cement rests upon the shoulders and insists on accompanying us through every moment. Self destructive signals emanate from the energy created by thought, and attract more of the same debilitating experiences. Over time, the bag of cement increases in size to weaken the legs and the ability to cope.

A repetitive thought occupies the mind: When will life be kind?

On the surface, childhood traumas are the most likely cause. If our sense of self is damaged at a time when it is supposed to be nurtured, we perceive the world as difficult and full of problems. Instead of seeing the beauty and abundance that exists within every moment, life grows devoid of meaning and love.



Often we are told, it is our thinking that causes the problem, and whilst this is true, there is much more going on below the surface than many of us may realise. The Law of Attraction delivers what we think about and believe in, so negative fearful thoughts deliver more adversity. Change the thoughts and you can change your life. Apparently. This positive concept is firmly believed by many, and I too believe the idea, but I also see much more.

After practicing positive thought for several years, yet still receiving situations that brought inner pain and suffering, I repeatedly asked, “Why?”. The answer was always the same.

“It is not time yet.”

Patience is like a shiny new toy always out of reach. But how can we develop patience without practice? No matter how much effort you use to manifest positivity and optimism into your life, if it is not time for your Soul to experience a change, then it will not happen. However, I do not recommend subscribing to apathy. Apathy and procrastination are Humanity’s tools for dissension. Patience and trust are the lights that show the way.



“So, when is it my turn?”

“Have patience.”

My spiritual curiosity of the meaning of life, likes to strip away the layers and get to the core. I never see only one reason, I see many; like a rainbow that shines from a prism, different colours merge to become pure light, each hue displays a unique ingredient. Every occurrence in life holds many ingredients to create its purpose.

A ravenous thirst for learning and seeking out the meaning behind life, has directed me to pursue esoteric sciences such as: Astrology and Numerology; thousands of hours in meditation; and communication with Spirit. Insight and clues have arrived over time to enlighten my understanding of why we are here. I discovered that our lives are predestined and the choices we make are part of a plan – a Divine plan.

Free-will comes into play by offering us a choice. The Soul already knows the path it must take for spiritual growth and evolution.

Lack of abundance, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and self-belief are all part of an agreement made by the Soul before it incarnated into the body.

Why would the Soul make an agreement that involves suffering and adversity? 

When our Soul lives in the Spirit realm, in between lifetimes, it knows only love; there is no pain, no suffering, no negativity. The Soul does not differentiate between good and bad, or positive and negative because it sees that all of life is perfect as it is.

Human Beings learn through experience and all experience is relevant, whether perceived as good or bad. It is the ego-mind that decides to cast judgment, not the Soul. Through living a physical life and encountering different situations, the Soul can grow and evolve. Evolution is the natural progression of life.

So let’s say, your Soul has made an agreement to encounter situations and people who challenge your confidence. Only when you have suffered from a lack of confidence can you learn to empower yourself, and then understand what it is like to have confidence. By the same notion, how can we know what it is to be patient if we have not experienced impatience?



Part of the Spiritual work I feel passionate about, is to read the Soul and discover the agreements that were made prior to physical birth. Seeking out this truth has helped me and many others find deeper meaning of challenging situations or harsh relationships. My ability is by no means unique, but neither is it mainstream, and to use my talent for the benefit of others brings me great fulfilment.

When confusion, doubt, fear and pessimism steal away your joy and trust in life, consider if you would benefit from understanding the deeper purpose of why you suffer. If you are ready to open your mind, your Soul will guide you to the tools you need that will open the door to change.

I can offer the key and light to shine on your path and help you find your way.


If a Soul Reading interests you, please do get in touch. More information can be found HERE. I can work with you face to face (in Leeds), or by a pre-arranged phone call or a written reading via email.


Liz: +447491636960 


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