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Delightful December: Signs & Omens in Nature and Number Three


Balancing on one leg in the Yogic posture of the Tree asana this morning, my gaze was drawn to movement in the branches of the Silver Birch outside, just a few feet away from the window. A smile broadened across my face as I realised the tiny little Birds, joyfully flitting from one branch to another, were Blue tit on a log

Their cheerful chatter and bright Blue and Yellow colouring told me of the inner joy and creative expression that was about to enter my life. Immediately my mind made the link to Numerology – as it usually does! I thought of the number THREE that most resonates with this message.

DECEMBER, the final month of the year (2016), often delivers seasonal good cheer as some of us prepare for the giving and receiving of presents, visits to loved ones and an opportunity to rest and unwind.

December is a THREE cycle, and THREE signifies joy, the desire to socialise, growth and expansion.

As Mother Nature rests and recovers here in the Northern hemisphere, she guides us to do the same. While THREE can be a social and busy influence upon our lives, it also links with the mind and asks us to organise our thoughts first. Transformation can occur under the THREE but we must first look within. Coincidentally, in Numerology the word TRANSFORMATION adds up to THREE!

THREE also relates to the Trinity and the shape of ttriangle christmas tree lights black and whitehe triangle, which links mind, body and Spirit thus providing a perfect opportunity to create. What the mind creates can become a reality, so guard your thoughts with care and be sure that what you are thinking of is what you desire.

The ability to manifest and create is strong during a THREE cycle, and often health can be the focus. Our thoughts can create or destroy our health during this powerful influence. Quite relevant, as many of us will over indulge on festive food and drink to gratify our greedy senses, or burn the candle at both ends.

While joy is most likely under the influence of THREE, sometimes the joy is the end result of a struggle, so be aware to focus your mind on positivity.

Today I saw how the dual nature of this world created something beautiful from something toxic. Noticing CHEMTRAILS in the sky above the city, I asked life what the meaning of these were. The answer reminded me of the influence of THREE over the mind. The chemtrails supposedly cause pollution to the health of humanity and the planet, and they create fear and anger in their wake. However, I was shown the irony of such a toxin: they added to the beauty of the sunset, seen in the featured photo above.

So what was their meaning?Number 3, Numerology, leaves, grass, nature

Our environment is a reflection of our inner selves. The chemtrails represent the harmful thoughts we hold of ourselves that pollute our mind and damage our bodies. This can be most apparent during the influence of THREE, but we each hold the ability to TRANSFORM those negative thoughts into positive vibes and create love and beauty within. The irony of the chemtrails, while toxic, also created beauty and joy at sunset.

So as the number THREE takes a hold of your mind during December, remember that you have the power to spread joy and love with everyone you meet.


First Names beginning with the letters C, L, and U all indicate a social, fun-loving and creative personality who thrives on having many things on the go at once. Individually, C attracts much to itself and gives back, but can be prone to instability at times. L has a stronger connection to the material realm and may possess leadership abilities. U has a more spiritual tendency, but may hold on too much and not let go, at times being thwarted by indecision.

If you live at a number 3 house (12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57, 66, 75, 84, 93 etc) expect your life to be popular and creative, with fun-filled moments and many opportunities for inner growth.

Love and peace

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