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NOVEMBER NOTIONS: Signs & Omens in Nature and Number Two

To continue with the theme of NATURE and NUMBERS this months feature for November 2016 unlocks the Number principles of TWO and ELEVEN, with a peak into the world of signs and omens in our natural environment.

In 2016, NOVEMBER is an ELEVEN month (1+1+2+0+1+6=11) as well as being the eleventh month of the calendar year, a double helping of double digits! Crikey

Ambling through the weary looking vegetation, on a recent walk, my thoughts unexpectedly took me to far away places and the relevance of November’s Numerology. November in the Southern hemisphere heralds a time of new growth and warmer weather as the radiant Sun shines for longer hours warming up land and sea. Whilst in the Northern hemisphere the end of Summertime, signalled by the loss of an hour in some countries, gives way to harvest, decay and hibernation. A wonderful example of the opposing forces of duality at work in the natural world.

These opposite realities reminded me of the dual nature at work in our every day lives, and being perfectly reflected under the influence of the numbers TWO and ELEVEN. In Numerology the letters in the word ‘DUAL’ add up to ELEVEN. Quite apt really.

If we look at the figure of TWO: 2, we can see two opposite directions. The figure begins at the top pointing to the left, then at the bottom it points to the right. This dual directidark clouds in sky with lighton can create inner conflict, opposing views and sometimes a lack of confidence in making decisions, which brings about mental torment and extreme mood swings as it  almost tears us in two. Fluctuation between the DARK and LIGHT are strong significations under the reticent power of TWO.

With number ONE focused upon the self and moving forward, TWO has moved to the next stage: interaction with another. So, TWO focuses on co-operation within personal relationships, and the opportunity to learn how to find balance of give and take. Here we can learn the best way to use our energy, neither giving too much of ourselves, nor taking too much from another.

The principle of the double digits of ELEVEN (also called a Master number) harnesses the same power as TWO, but with added oomph as it throws the gauntlet down for a higher challenge. The double digits of ELEVEN: 11, show the self reflected in another, asking of us, “Do you see your weakness reflected in this person?” Only self honesty and inner strength can reap the benefits this Spiritually powerful number has to offer.

When the darker side to the self is seen with clarity and non-judgement, only then can we learn to love and accept ourselves and, by extension, love and accept each other. Here compassion is gained as we understand the suffering of our kin through our own experiences.

Several trees with golden leaves, autumn colours and grass


Hearing the crackles of dried leaves on the ground while on my walk, kept my attention on the present moment. I became satiated with feelings of contentment as I submersed my physical senses in the abundance of Mother Nature. Pausing to connect with a tall Pine tree, I was happily rewarded with the sight of a Squirrel searching for a place to bury some acorns. My stillness cloaked me from the Squirrel’s senses, so I absorbed every moment like a curious child, a broad grin filling my face.

A Time of Preparation…..

Minutes later the Squirrel departed my view, leaving me with the message: ‘Prepare for the coming changes.’ During the rest of my countryside walk, several more Squirrels crossed my path, making sure I’d clearly received the communication. Not only was I reminded of the seasonal changes, but of personal change too.

Frequent observation of my environment has alerted me to the wealth of signs – particularly when seen more than once – that Mother Nature has to offer. These signs and omens provide useful guidance on our journey through life.

This time of preparation, whether for the onset of Winter or the welcome of Summer, is perfectly reflected in the principle of TWO. Last month I talked about the confidence of ONE and the need to move forward with new beginnings. By contrast TWO & ELEVEN signify a time of withdrawal and waiting, as Nature does, to allow the seed -sown under the cycle of ONE – to germinate. It is natural to rest more at this time of year while allowing life to create its magic.

Several Crows flew over head as I continued my walk. The rich velvety black of their lustrous feathers alerted me to the unknown, and reminded me of the dense shroud that TWO & ELEVEN cast upon our lives. Our faith is tested along with patience as we struggle to see what is hidden from sight.

This dark veil coincides beautifully with the Scorpio Dark Moon of November and asks us to remain calm and balanced, and allow events to unfold in their natural time. Whatever this month is leading us towards, will likely remain hidden until the very last moment. This may challenge us to go with the flow and accept that a greater force is at work.

 Numbers and Names…..

First names beginning with B, K and T receive an influence from TWO upon the innate personality. These gentle letters create an emotional and sensitive individual who prefers the company of another. If inner balance is harnessed and doubt is eradicated, intuition can provide a strong guiding force. B has the potential to hold great depths of love, particularly within a family. The idealism of K excels when helping others, and T can reach Spiritual attainment when not playing the martyr. These creative Beings are often shy and nervous around others, but when trust is gained they cultivate loving and loyal friendships.

House numbers adding up to TWO (such as, 2, 20, 101, 299) are perfect for couples, if those couples are well suited! If not, expect challenges and disharmony as you figure out what you both want from life. Houses influenced by ELEVEN (such as 11, 29, 38, 47 etc.) are ideal for following a Spiritual path as this powerful energy brings you in touch with your soul. Providing you don’t give in to cynicism and doubt, you can access wisdom from the higher realms and develop a strong intuition.

Next month I will talk about the influence of three upon our lives and include some other tasty morsels of insight to help you through the month.

Love and Peace

2 thoughts on “NOVEMBER NOTIONS: Signs & Omens in Nature and Number Two

  1. Lorraine lane says:

    I have never connected with numerology I like what you say about the number two. Though.Today I have done something out of the box and taught my first ever beginners art class!! I have always wanted to do this so I just booked a room at the community centre advertised and got 10pupils, it was a bit nerve racking at first but I loved doing it. I want to carry on doing this, looking forward to next week’s class. are you in is Liz or england?


    • lizkeedy says:

      Hi Lorraine, it’s lovely to hear from you, thanks for your positive comments.

      I’m so glad to hear that your teaching an Art class, you certainly have a eautiful talent there. What are you teaching?

      i’m back in England now. It happened suddenly an unexpectedly, I came back for my mum, her health hasn’t been good.

      It’s been hard for me since I came back, but writing brings me so much pleasure. I wrote a book while I was out there and I’m busy editing it at the moment.

      Keep in touch, much love to you Lorraine xx


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