To Feel Or Not To Feel: Compassion

Human Beings are complicated creatures, aren't we? Our moods can change faster than the British weather. Every day we have thousands of thoughts - according to research (I'd like to know who had to count them!) - many of which we are consciously unaware of. And depending upon what our family background is, which culture …

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The Power of Colour: Red

This is the second part in the series on 'The Power of Colour' where I share with you my wisdom and knowledge of the influence of colour over our mind, body and soul. Read part one HERE. RED Carmine, crimson, ruby, scarlet, vermillion, maroon, burgundy. There are many shades and tones and each have their …

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The Power of Colour

Life is colourful. From the emerald green of the open fields to the cool blue of the sky, it is an integral part of our lives that we often take for granted. It is everywhere, a part of everything, and it has the power to affect our thoughts and moods. For many years, colour has …

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DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

After having a few years without a Christmas tree and deciding to celebrate Christmas in an alternative way, this year my inner child demanded I get a tree! So, with a voucher that needed using up I got a fake tree. My first choice would have been a live tree in a pot that I …

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An expression of Spirit – the good and the bad.

I've spent 49 years of my life being angry. Angry at myself and angry at a parent. To say I've had a difficult relationship with my Mum is an understatement. Don't get me wrong, there have been times when things seemed okay between us, but that was mostly because I was doing what she wanted …

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Winter Sleep . . .

Here is a poem that I wrote a few years ago when the creative energy began flowing into my life, in abundance. Many nights I would wake up at silly-o-clock with words tumbling through my mind looking for an outlet. So, I kept a notebook and pen beside my bed - the only way I …

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Going with the flow or struggling against the tide?

I don't know about you, but I've found this year to be one of the most challenging I've ever encountered - and for me that's saying something! It started last year when I returned back to the UK from a trip abroad that I had hoped would be a dream come true. Things never turn …

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Going Round in Circles?

Doesn’t it sometimes feel as though Life is leading you round in circles? Do you encounter a situation that seems familiar and you think, “Hang on a minute, haven’t I already dealt with this?” Well maybe you have already dealt with it, but the truth is, maybe something you missed the first time around. Often …

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AUGUST, 2017, and Number 9

There are some powerful influences affecting us all this month. Read on to find out more......